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  1. Oxford Debate tonight!
  2. Interesting Info from GoinGlobal's e-Newsletter
  3. 2008 Delay the Real World Fellowship
  4. 2008 Abroad View Student Writing Contest
  5. Housing Pre and Post Study Abroad Facebook Group
  6. Study Abroad Scholarships
  7. International Fun Facts Ireland:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!



The third University of Georgia - Oxford Union Society debate will be held tonight at 7 p.m. in the Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall.

The series is currently tied at one-all, adding extra excitement to this year's event.  <>Both teams will be "all-star," with UGA's team drawing from the membership of the Georgia Debate Union, the Demosthenian Literary Society, the Phi Kappa Literary Society, the Law School, and several other organizations.  

The debate topic is "Resolved: that the United States Federal Government should ratify and implement the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court."  This topic will likely access such issues as coercive interrogation, federal policy toward genocide and atrocities committed in foreign countries, the U.S.'s moral, political, and social responsibility in Iran, Iraq, North Korea, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Darfur, etc. 



Interesting Info from TraveLog GoinGlobal's e-Newsletter

/March 2008 College Edition/

This edition of TraveLOG takes on topics from the world over, including
long-distance interviews, types of language learning, negotiation
customs, global expansion of U.S. schools, tips for finding the right
global work opportunity and gaining entry to Australia.

Read on for more!

*Relocation: Moving to Australia*

There are many categories under which one can migrate to Australia,
including as a skilled professional, a family, or a business, among
others. Danny Trestian, GoinGlobal's Australia Visa Advisor explains
your options. For more, click here:

*Featured Country Profile: South Korea*

Adapting to the local culture in South Korea means understanding the
customs on gift-giving. While gift-giving in Korea isn't as formal as in
Japan, it plays an important role. For more on the do's and don'ts of
this important business practices, click here:

*For direct access to The University of Georgia - Going Global career
and employment resources click here:

*Careers: Mastering The Long-Distance Interview*

If you're considering a job in another country, the odds are high you
may need to do a telephone or video interview. Understanding the
different skills needed to ace these types of interviews increased your
odds of success. For more, click here:

*Relocation: Could Leaving Be The Best Move You Make? *

If expatriate Britons are representative, an international relocation
might improve the quality of your life. According to a recent study, 91
percent of expatriates questioned said they are happier in their new
locations than they were in the United Kingdom. For more, click here:

*Culture: What Kind Of Language Learner Are You? *

Integrator, ostrich or chameleon. Liz Cross of Crossover Translations
says people fall into one of these three categories when it comes to
learning a language in a foreign country. Which approach works best? For
more, click here:

*Culture: Different Cultures Require Different Negotiation Styles*

From taking a taxi to buying milk at the store, sometimes it seems
almost everything can turn into a negotiation. If you don't know the
rules, you'll always come out the loser. Doing your homework ahead of
time to identify negotiation practices in your host culture can help you
save time, money and face. For more, click here:

*Residence Permits: Hong Kong Eases Admission Requirements*

Interested in working in Hong Kong, but don't have the five years of
work experience previously required for a residence permit? Just get two
years of work under your belt and the door may open up for you. Changes
to Hong Kong's Quality Migrant Admission Scheme makes it easier for less
experienced applicants to gain admittance. For more, click here:



2008 Delay the Real World Fellowship


This year's DELAY THE REAL WORLD Fellowship will award $5,000 to the
twentysomething who proposes the best plan to avoid the cubicle. Please
share news of this opportunity with your students!

The winner will be selected on the basis of the quality and originality of
his or her proposal. Last year's winner, Andrew Morgan, is currently biking,
teaching and making a documentary in Central America. 2006 winner Daniela
Papi used her prize to live in Cambodia and work with PEPY Ride, which
supports educational projects in developing countries and disaster relief
areas. For contest details and full bios of past winners, visit

Application deadline is April 23, 2008. Contest is sponsored by Running
Press and Avalon Travel, to celebrate the spirit of DELAYING THE REAL WORLD:
ADVENTURE, by Colleen Kinder.

"Colleen's book isn't about how to buy a Eurail pass and have a great
summer vacation. It's about how to put off the pressures of
post-graduate adult life and continue your education beyond the
classroom. That means traveling the world, working abroad,
volunteering for causes you care about, and not caring about people
busy counting their 401(k) contributions back home. Colleen makes it
clear that if you plan it right, the education provided by a year
spent squishing grapes barefoot on a farm in Denmark can be more
illuminating than four years of papers and finals, and far more
rewarding than life as a corporate drone."



Abroad View Student Writing Contest 2008

"Abroad View," the global education magazine for students, is hosting
its annual writing contest. Currently enrolled undergraduate and
graduate study abroad students, and students who have graduated
within the past year, are invited to submit compelling stories for
one of three contest categories: Personal Journeys, Inspiration, and
Viewpoint. Winning submissions will be awarded a cash prize of $150
and published in "Abroad View." All other submissions will be further
reviewed for magazine and online publication. The deadline is April
2, 2008. Send your entry to
[log in to unmask].

More detailed guidelines for each of the following categories are
available at

PERSONAL JOURNEYS: First-person narrative focusing on a specific
experience that led to a deeper realization or greater cultural
understanding. Please include vivid reporting, sensory detail, final
reflection, and commentary. Maximum word count is 1,500.

INSPIRATION: Artistic expression and creative writing in the form of
poetry and short stories inspired by your experience living and
traveling in another country. Maximum word count is 2,000.

VIEWPOINT: No matter where you studied abroad, you likely came home
with a strong view about a specific global event or issue. This is
your opportunity to express yourself in an informative commentary on
current hot-button topics. Maximum word count is 1,000.


The Housing Pre and Post Study Abroad Facebook Group


Are you studying abroad next Fall or Spring and need someone to rent your apartment?  Are you returning from a study abroad program and need a new place to live? 


Join the "Housing Pre and Post Study Abroad" Facebook Group at


If you are planning to study abroad or returning soon, the group is designed to help you solve housing problems.  Find roommates, lease your apartment, and post your want-ads on the discussion board. 



Study Abroad Scholarships




2009 SPRING SEMESTER                                


Scholarship Award:  $ 8,500

To be subtracted from program cost; HOPE and/or additional financial aid may also

apply; all majors considered.


One student will be selected to enroll for a full semester of credit at Queen's University and engage in a community service project in Belfast during 2009 Spring semester.


Academic record, financial need, and demonstrated leadership potential will be factors in selection.


Application Deadline:  Sept. 2, 2008


For more information, contact OIE (see below) as soon

as possible.



Please make an appointment with a study abroad advisor to begin the application process:

Office of International Education Bank of America, 3rd floor 706-425-3274 [log in to unmask]

This is a joint project of the member schools of SECAC (SEC Academic Consortium).




STARS (Study Abroad with Regents Support) Stipend

$500 scholarship for UGA students participating in a UGA or external study

abroad or exchange program.  Students work in the Office of International

Education for 50 hours over the course of  a semester.


Application Deadline for Summer:  April 4, 2008


Questions?  Contact Colleen Larson at [log in to unmask]



The primary goal of Freeman Awards for Study in Asia (Freeman-ASIA) is to

increase the number of U.S. undergraduates who study in East and Southeast

Asia, by providing them with the information and financial assistance they

will need.

Eligibility: Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents at time

of application. Must currently receive Need-Based Financial Aid or

demonstrate through FAFSA a verifiable need for financial assistance to

study abroad in Asia. Applicants must have little or no previous experience

in the country in which they plan to study. (must not have spent more than 4

weeks in proposed country of study within last 5 years) Freeman-ASIA Award

Program grantees are expected to share their experiences with their home

campuses to encourage study abroad in Asia by others, and to spread greater

understanding of Asian peoples and cultures within their home communities.

Application Deadline for study in Fall 2008-Spring 2009: April 2, 2008

For more information visit:



Fall 2008 Application Now Open - Deadline: April 15, 2008

Apply now at

This year the Gilman International Scholarship Program will provide 820

scholarships of up to $5,000 for U.S. undergraduate students to study abroad

for up to one academic year. The program aims to diversify the kinds of

student who study abroad and the countries and regions where they go. The

program serves students who have been under-represented in study abroad

which includes but is not limited to: students with high financial need,

community college students, students in under-represented fields such as the

sciences and engineering, students from diverse ethnic backgrounds, students

attending minority-serving institutions, and students with disabilities.


The Gilman Program seeks to assist students from a diverse range and type of

two-year and four-year public and private institutions from all 50 states. A

limited number of $3000 Critical Need Language Supplements are available for

students studying a critical need language for a total possible award of

$8000. A list of eligible languages can be found on the Gilman website at


Eligibility: Students must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant at the time of

application and cannot be studying abroad in a country currently under a U.S.

Department of State Travel Warning or in Cuba. The Gilman International

Scholarship Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of

Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by the Institute of

International Education.


For more information, full eligibility criteria and the online

application visit:

Contact for Applicants:  email: [log in to unmask]



For UGA undergraduate students attending semester long UGA study abroad and

exchange programs.

Minimum GPA: 3.0. Must not have studied abroad before and have at least one

semester remaining at UGA following study abroad/exchange semester.

Deadline for Fall 2008: April 18, 2008

Application available at




Open to Fall 2008 or 2009-2009 Full Year participants of UGA sponsored study

abroad and exchange programs, excluding UGA Costa Rica and UGA at Oxford


<>Deserving UGA undergraduates, participating in a UGA-sponsored study

abroad or exchange program for one semester (Fall or Spring) or full

academic year, will be designated as University of Georgia Foundation Study

Abroad Scholars and awarded scholarships ($500 and up) in support of his/her

upcoming study abroad program. These University of Georgia Foundation Study

Abroad Scholarship funds are supported and provided through the University

of Georgia Foundation Incentive Scholarship Initiative Program.


<>Eligibility : --2.50 minimum GPA required, Must not have previously

studied abroad for academic credit at the university level --Award based on

demonstrated financial need, strong personal recommendation, essays,

academic merit, and overall application. --Scholarship recipients must

commit to work with the Office of International Education and/or Study

Abroad Program Director (as determined by the OIE) and provide a minimum of

10 hours of volunteer service during the semester of return to the UGA

campus, promoting study abroad and sharing his/her experience with others.

Students must have completed at least one full semester at UGA prior to

application and have at least one semester to complete at UGA upon return. (

i.e. scholarship cannot be used for the last semester of your degree program

in order to participate in post-study abroad service activities).


--NOTE: UGA Costa Rica and UGA at Oxford applicants must INSTEAD apply for

the UGA Foundation Scholarship directly with those study abroad program

directors following separate specific application procedures and deadlines.

Separate scholarship funds are available for these 2 study abroad programs.


--FALL 2008 APPLICATION DEADLINE ? April 18, 2008, 5 pm


--TO APPLY: Download the Fall 2007 UGA Foundation Scholarship application

form to the OIE website at and submit to

the Office of International Education.



The Bridging Scholarship program will award 50 scholarships

to American students participating in study-abroad programs

in Japan that begin in Fall 2008. Undergraduate students

majoring in any field of study and attending any recognized

exchange or independent program in Japan are eligible to

apply for these scholarships.

Application Deadline:  April 7, 2008



for more information


International Fun Fact Ireland:  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

        St. Patrick's Day is observed on March 17 because that is the feast day of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is believed that he died on March 17 in the year 461 AD. It is also a worldwide celebration of Irish culture and history

        The longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia, in County Galway.

        An odd Irish birthday tradition is to lift the birthday child upside down and give his head a few gentle bumps on the floor for good luck. The number of bumps should allegedly correspond to the child's age plus one.

        It's not the custom in Ireland to wear green ties, hats or other green clothes on St. Patrick's Day. A sprig of shamrock in the coat lapel is the preferred display.

Facts about Clovers

        According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the highest number of leaves found on a clover is 14!

        One estimate suggests that there are about 10 000 regular three-leaf clovers for every lucky four-leaf clover.

        Legend says that each leaf of the clover means something: the first is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the fourth for luck.


Monica Catalano
Study Abroad Graduate Assistant
The University of Georgia

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