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                              The World Bank Group
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Dear Foreign Student Advisor or Financial Aid Advisor:

Attached  with  this  letter please find information about the Margaret McNamara Memorial  Fund,  an  outreach program of the World Bank Family Network. The fund provides  financial  assistance  to women from developing countries during their studies  in  the  United States or Canada. The MMMF annually awards about six to ten grants of approximately $12,000 each.

The application must be filled out online on our website at Application  forms  will be available starting December 1, 2008 and the deadline for  applications  is  February  28, 2009. For further information regarding the MMMF   grant   program,  do  visit  our  website  or  contact  us  by  email  at [log in to unmask] or at (202) 473-8751.

We  appreciate  your cooperation in announcing the availability of this grant at your institution.

Navodini Harmsen /Vesna De La Borde
Chair/Vice Chair, MMMF Selection Committee

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Leigh Poole, Director of International Student Life and Associate Director for Intercultural Affairs
Jessica Wells, Assistant Director
Jackie Minus, Administrative Assistant
Carey Kirk, Graduate Assistant (Coffee Hour)
Jeananne Tiffany, Graduate Assistant (Organizations)
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