Hello Everyone,

Please read the message below to protect yourself from fraudulent letters from individuals claiming to work for the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Below is a situation about a letter that a student received from another university.

A student from another university in Georgia received a letter recently describing that she was a nonresident alien and how paperwork should be done to avoid withholding on her personal savings account. She was asked to complete the Form W-4100B2 and fax it within the week. The letter was ‘signed’ by a person claiming to work for the IRS. The form requested her to report her full name, address, and social security number. We are sharing this information with you since the letter she received was NOT an actual letter from the IRS.

If you receive any e-mails or letters from an organization or individuals claiming to work for the IRS, requesting your social security number and information please feel free to contact the ISL office. We are open to looking at the information if you have any questions or concerns related to the source of the information.

Please be cautious of any e-mails or letters asking for you to respond with personal information (passwords, social security numbers, etc.).

Thank you,

International Student Life
The University of Georgia
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Leigh Poole, Director of International Student Life and Associate Director for Intercultural Affairs
Jessica Wells, Assistant Director of International Student Life
Jackie Minus, Administrative Assistant
Ashlee Perry, Graduate Assistant (Coffee Hour)
Jeananne Tiffany, Graduate Assistant (Organizations & Non-Resident Taxes)