As stated in the FFA/4-H Statement of Relations, a student is eligible to
participate in both FFA and 4-H simultaneously. However, a student is not
allowed to participate in activities considered "same" to both groups in the
same "project year." The Statement of Relations defines the "project year"
as July 1 to June 30. The Statement says that annually the State FFA Advisor
and State 4-H Leader will meet and announce the list of activities
considered "same" for the coming year. The following activities have been
announced as "same" by the State FFA Advisor and State 4-H Leader. Wildlife
Management (judging) has been added, otherwise, this list is exactly the
same as it has been the past two years.

-Dairy Cattle Evaluation (judging)

-Forestry (judging or field day)

-Horse Evaluation (judging)

-Land Evaluation (judging)

-Livestock Evaluation (judging)

-Poultry Evaluation (judging)

-Wildlife Management (judging)

-Animal show events: steer, heifer, lamb, breeding ewe, market barrow,
market gilt, breeding hog, goat, and dairy

These activities will be posted on the Georgia AgEd website along with the
Statement of Relations by the end of the week. The Statement of Relations
can also be found on the Georgia FFA website on the FFA information page.

If you have questions about the Statement of Relations, any of the above
activities, or 4-H/FFA partnership, please do not hesitate to contact me.
- Ben

Ben Lastly

Executive Secretary

Georgia FFA Association

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