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Date: Tue, Jan 13, 2009 at 3:36 PM
Subject: Engaging Activities for your Classroom
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Mr. Turner,

Please forward this to the listserv.  Thanks!

The following information was shared at a workshop I attended at the
NAAE conference in December about engaging classroom activities.
There is an attached booklet with classroom activities as well as an
attached list of other ideas generated by the people in the workshop.
There are so many super ideas that I just couldn't help but share!



Greetings Agolleagues!

Attached is the agtivity booklet and table of contents along with some
other details regarding engaging activities for your classroom.  You
are receiving this because you were either in attendance at the
workshop or expressed interest because you were unable to make it to
the workshop.  I did the best I could deciphering your emails from the
sheet.

First of all let me say on behalf of Natasha and me how much we
appreciated you coming to our workshop and sincerely hope you were
able to take something useful away from the time we spent together
(other than the reproduction visual demonstrated during the jigsaw
activity, you all just pictured it, I know you did:).  Our goal was to
give you some tools to engage your students.  If you ever have any
questions regarding how to execute one of the activities please feel
free to contact us and we'll do our best to assist.

Other resources that may be of use... ---This is the link
to the website that was created about a year ago with the over 400
lessons from ag teachers from across the US.  We mentioned it at the
workshop.  Also if you have items you would like to contribute you may
send them to me and I will see that the lesson is posted.

NAAE Communities of Practice - Classroom Dynamics Community (and many
other communities) There are some great tips on everything from Room
Organization to Note Taking, to Dealing with Difficult Students.

I am in the process of posting the ideas you shared at the workshop as
well.  I do ask one favor.  Could you please reply to this message
with a detailed description of your idea?  I will marry all the ideas
together and send them out at a later date.

I really wanted you to have the Book and Links in hand so that you may
start infusing your classroom and breaking students into o'clock
partners ASAP!

One final note, please feel free to forward on to anyone that you feel
would benefit.  I will also be posting the document in the Classroom
Dynamics community so that anyone may access it at anytime.  You know
for those late night, can't sleep because you are so excited about
Party Host the next day moments.

Enjoy the week and thanks again for attending.

Happy Trails!

Side Note****We are available for hire:-)

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