Ag teachers,

I wanted to introduce you to a resource that I use in my classroom:
Geoblox 3-D Models.

These models lend themselves to the teaching of Horticulture/Plant
Science.  They are challenging for students to make and can easily be
reproduced for instruction.  To use them, you need to photocopy the
models onto cardstock.  Additionally, you will need scissors, colored
pencils/markers, and glue or scotch tape. I like to keep a good sample
of completed models to show students how to make ‘em.

I use models from three different books.  Sometimes we make the models
in class,;sometimes they are used for extra credit.

Botany Block Models             $25
•     Plant cell
•     Tracheids
•     Vessel elements
•     Dicot root
•     Monocot root
•     Lateral roots
•     Root tip growth
•     Dendrochronology
•     Dicot stem
•     Monocot stem
•     Tree rings
•     Flowers
•     Leaf layers
•     Leaf cross section
•     Stomata open
•     Stomata closed
•     Fall leaf stem
•     Life cycle of a Bryophyte
•     Life cycle of a Pterophyte
•     Life cycle of an Angiosperm
•     Life cycle of a Gymnosperm
•     Acid rain
•     Bog succession
•     Tropical rainforest
•     Vegetative propagation
Geology Block Models    $25
•     Soil Profiles
Groundwater Block Models        $25
•     Infiltration
•     Groundwater zones
•     Water table
•     Landfill

Here is a link to the website:  These models
were developed by a TEACHER!

- Libby Lintel

Libby Lintel
Horticulture Teacher
Kennesaw Mountain High School
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