Please see reminders for state show from Dr. Silcox.   If you have any questions or concerns - please contact your Area Livestock Teacher. 

Reminders about State Livestock Shows (February 18-22).

*Check with your vet about health papers.

*Exhibitor's rodeo vouchers.

*How to check to make sure entries are correct.

*Stalling for cattle

*4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Show Code of Conduct

All animals need health papers, SPECIAL NOTE ON HOGS

Since market hogs will NOT be sold at the show and
hogs will return with the exhibitors, ALL hogs will
need health papers (certificate of veterinary
inspection).  If you are new to this, be aware that
hog health papers are a little different from sheep
or cattle.  Hogs have to have a negative brucellosis (gilts)
and a negative pseudorabies test.  Hogs have to have
blood samples pulled and you need to allow at least
two weeks for the test results to come back. In other words, don't wait until the last minute to get papers.  (Papers are good for 4 months on 4-H or FFA animals).  Health requirements are in the state show rulebook pages 7-9 at:


Students who have only steers and/or ewes at the state show will get Rodeo information mailed directly to them from the Georgia National.  They will need to follow the directions and claim their tickets for the Saturday night performance.  All other exhibitors will be able to pick up vouchers for the Thursday night performance at the show.  Please note that since the Dairy show has moved to Friday and Saturday, all dairy cattle must be checked in on Thursday.  So, Dairy exhibitors are only eligible for Thursday night tickets (You might get questions form Dairy exhibitors about this, since they have been getting Saturday tickets in years past when the show was on Sat and Sun.)

If you need extra tickets for parents or non-exhibitors they may be purchased 0n-line at:


Any corrections we make on entries are made on-line.  Return to where you entered the animals:

What you see is what we've got. You might want to check tags and tattoos and make sure everything is correct.  Also, look at your account information.  The address you gave us as the contact information for the agent or teacher is where we plan on sending the checks.

Tattoos must be readable and conform with tattoo(s) listed on official entry cards and registration papers.

For registered heifers the original registration certificate must be presented at the time heifers are checked in the show and tattoos will be checked.  No fresh tattoos are allowed at heifer check in.  No copies, faxes or duplication of the original registration certificate will be accepted. Registered heifers without registration certificate will not be allowed to show and will not be moved to commercial class.  Registration certificate must be made out in the exhibitor's name only.  Farm name will not be acceptable.


All cattle from a county will be stalled in the same area.


Please remind your youth by signing their entry forms, along with a parent/legal guardian and agent/advisor, they agree to abide by the 4-H/FFA Youth Livestock Code of Conduct.  This
document is available on page 2 of the 2008-2009 State Livestock Show Rulebook, which is available at the following site:

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