If you know of anyone looking for a great opportunity to start a new
agricultural education program, or looking for a different place to teach
agricultural education next year, the Dekalb County School System is
currently accepting applications for a teacher to start a NEW program at a
NEW high school. This school is unique because the entire focus is
centered on environmental, engineering, and health related studies. If you
have time, please look at some of the interesting articles that have been
printed about this high school.

The program already has a greenhouse and is located very close to a state
park and wildlife refuge. This would be a great opportunity  for an
agriculture teacher that has a passion for environmental AG. Science. The
Principal at Arabia Mountian High School is also very interested in making
sure that the teacher involve students in supervised agricultural
experiences and provides opportunities for the students in the FFA. They
plan to make the  Ag. extended day and Ag. extended year state grant
available for the Agricultural Education instructor.

If you or anyone you know is interested in this opportunity, please
contact me, or you can send your application to the Dekalb County School
System. The job is posted on the school systems web site as "teacher --
occ. ed -- Agriculture" for Arabia Mountain High School.

The contact person(s) within the Dekalb County School System for this
position are the:

 High School Principal, Dr, Angela Pringle
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or the Career Technology Coordinator for the system Mr. Paul Camick (
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One interesting side note about this job opportunity -- The very first
National FFA Winner that the State of Georgia ever had in a Career Develop
Event was from a school in Dekalb County. The late Mr. Everett Titsworth
had a team win a National CDE in horticulture back in the early 80's.
Perhaps with the right instructor, this new school could be just as

John (Chip) Bridges
Region Coordinator
North Region Agricultural Education
204 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, Ga. 30602
(706) 542-3679
Fax: (706) 542-9602
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