Good Morning,

I have had several questions about the Phase III GPS training that will be 
offered on March.  Here are a few items that may address the questions 
that you have.
1. The GPS Phase III workshops are intended to explain the four new 
pathways. We will discuss the individual GPS units for each of the three 
required courses in each Pathway. We will also discuss how to integrate 
SAE and FFA into the curriculum.
 2. If you will be offering one of the four new Pathways at your school 
then you are responsible for attending the workshop for that Pathway.
 3. In the past the Pathway workshops were conducted in conjunction with 
the Mid-Winter Teachers Conference. We are now required to conduct these 
workshops using the Educational Technology Centers.
 4. With the exception of the Basic Agriscience and Technology course, the 
information at each of the four presentations will be different to address 
the requirements of the individual Pathways.

Here is a copy of the registration information that was sent you in 

The Phase III GPS training will be conducted this year utilizing the 
Education Technology Centers (ETC). There are four pathways that will be 
presented. They are listed below with the dates and times for the 
training. Additionally, the Phase I training will be conducted again. The 
date and time is also listed below.

In previous years this training has been conducted at the Mid-Winter 
Conference. We are now having to conduct the training using the ETC system 
so that all of the presentation and interaction can be recorded for future 

To register for any of the training listed below please go to

Here is a link with information about the ETC system:

ETTC Locations:
Atlanta              Augusta               Cleveland             Athens
Lawrenceville     Valdosta               Grantville             Albany
Savannah          Ellaville                 Dalton Brooklet
Eastman           Kennesaw             Macon

Phase I 
Agriscience: March 3, 2009    8:30 AM ? 12:00 PM

Phase III
Animal Science:   March 5, 2009     8:30AM ? 12:00 PM
Veterinary Science:   March 5, 2009    1:00 PM ? 4:30 PM
Agricultural Mechanics:   March 20, 2009    8:30AM ? 12:00 PM
Agribusiness Management:    March 20, 2009   1:00 PM ? 4:30 PM

Please let David Turner know if you need any additional information.

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