Due to weather conditions in Athens we will not be able to check rosters
until tomorrow. Therefore these results are unofficial.

Congratulations to the top two teams from each area. They will compete in
the state CDE on March 21st.

* Area 4 Senior Winners*
1st *Evans High*
2nd *West Laurens High*
Top Individual *Hannah Helton* West Laurens

*Area 4 Junior Winners*
1st   *East Laurens*
2nd*  Effingham High*
Top Individual *Lane Flanders*  Screven Middle

*Area 3 Senior Winners*
1st*  Perry High*
2nd * Mary Persons*
Top Individual *Weslie Williford* Perry High
*Area 3 Juniors Winners*
1st *Perry Middle*
2nd *Perry High*
Top Individual *Morgan Watt*  Perry High

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