Dear Teachers,

As you are aware the Georgia State Fair will not be a possibility for our
swine, sheep, beef and dairy exhibitors this year.  They are planning to
start the GSF up again end of April/first of May 2010.  This will be too
early for the animals we typically exhibit in the fall.  The Georgia State
Fair would still like to support Georgia's youth and are looking for funding
and ways to be of service.

Here are some possible ideas for alternatives to be held in conjunction with
GSF in the Spring of the year.  These alternatives much like your possible
shows in the fall would require funding first to get started.  The Area
Animal Science Teachers would like your feedback/comments/ideas.

Rabbit Show (State Show for FFA & 4-H)
Poultry Show (breeds/meat/eggs)
Breeding Ewe Show
Breeding Market Goat Show
Weanling Pig Show
Calf Prospect Show
Judging Contests - Livestock, Dairy, Horse, Poultry,
Forage/Grain/Feedstuffs Contest
Commercial Dairy Heifer Show

*Additional Comments* (not rules, just ideas to spur conversation):

Rabbit Show - already have a possible sponsor!

The Breeding Ewe, Breeding Market Goat, Weanling Pig, and Calf Prospect show
would all be continuations of kids SAE's.
Breeding Ewe show would be just like state show, except of course that
almost all ewes would have lambs at side.  Breeding Market Goat Show would
be like Breeding Ewe Show.  Both would require that the dams would have been
shown in the State Show of the previous year.

Weanling Pigs would be required to be offspring of gilts shown in the
previous fall fairs.

Calf Prospects must be shown by the student who owns the dam.

*SAE Prospect Sale:  *
Students entered in the show would have the option to sell their exhibits -
Market Lambs, Market Goats, Weanling Pigs, Calf Prospects. (live or silent)

Thank you,


Ricky Wheeler
Area Livestock Teacher
Central Region
Agricultural Education

711 Highway 57 West
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401