Damping-off is a disease of germinating seeds and seedlings caused
primarily by fungi. Within days, hundreds or thousands of seedlings
can become colonized resulting in plant losses and delayed planting or
shipping. Healthy appearing plants selected from flats with
damping-off may develop root rot or stem canker several weeks later.
With some damping-off fungi, foliar blight may also occur. Pythium,
Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia and Alternaria are fungi that commonly cause
damping-off. There are many other species of fungi that occasionally
cause this disease.

To avoid have disease problems with seedlings, plugs and rooted liners
apply a broad spectrum fungicide soil drench treatment every 3 weeks.

Use the hozon to apply a fungicide soil drench

Reminder: Hozon  is always 1: 16

Mix two types of fungicide together to cover a broad spectrum of
disease: 3336 and Subdue Maxx, below application rates using a Hozon
and one gallon concentrate

1.      3336
8 oz per  100 gallon =  tsp per 1 gallon
 tsp x 16 = 8 tsp to make 1 gallon of concentrate

2.      Subdue Maxx
1 oz per 100 gallon =  .01 oz per 1 gallon
.01 oz x 16 = .16 oz to make 1 gallon concentrate
1 tsp = 1/16 oz

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