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Date: Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 3:03 PM
Subject: Final Drive Club Calf Sale
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Hi Christa

Can you please send this out on the list serve?


Charlotte Holmes

  * <>
**Alias x Angus Heifer* <>
*Who Made Who x Carnac*
**Star Power x Paddy O'Malley Steer*
**Heat Wave x Meyers*
Jacob Holmes with his Paddy O'Malley heifer purchased from NV Cattle Co.
2008 Georgia Beef Futurity Show -
Grand Champion Mainetainer Female
2008 Southern Regional Junior Maine-Anjou Show - Grand Champion Mainetainer
2008 Appalachian Cattlemen Show -
Grand Champion Maine Female
2008 Bartow Fall Classic - Grand Champion Maine Female & Supreme Champion
2008 Farm Credit Show -
Champion Mainetainer & Reserve Supreme Female
2008 Tri-State Cattlemen Show -
Champion Maine & Supreme Female*
Jenna Hagler with her Charolais steer
purchased from Davis Farms
2008 Georgia Beef Futurity -
Charolais Breed Champion & 3rd Overall Steer
2008 Georgia National Fair - Charolais Breed Champion
2008 Albany Fair - Reserve Champion Steer
2008 ABAC Steer & Heifer show - Grand Champion
2008 Wiregrass Winter Classic -
Reserve Champion Charolais Steer (Ring A & B)

 * *<>
Makayla Holmes has experienced numerous class winnings with her Commercial
heifer purchased from Triple M Club Calves.*
Natalie Rosenbalm with her Black Max heifer purchased from 3J Farms has had
many Grand &
Reserve Champions during this show season.* *
 3J Farms - Fairmount Hwy, Calhoun, GA
Exit 312 off I-75  10 Miles East  Farm on left*

3J Farms  706-625-0005
Holmes Club Calves  706-629-4639
NV Cattle  770-547-6291
Davis Farms  706-483-6274
Crump Club Calves  770-548-2362 or 706-280-9099
Triple M Club Calves  770-547-6622*

Paddy O'Malley, Heat Seeker, Hoo Doo, Meyer 734, Ali, Heat Wave, Pale Face,
Hannibal, Traveler 004, & Who Made Who *
Other Juniors who have had a really successful year
with calves from last year's sale:
Chad Davis has numerous class winners & reserves with his Charolais Steer
from Davis Farms

Michelle Woodring has experienced several class winnings with her Paddy
O'Malley/Foreplay Steer purchased from Holmes Club Calves

Lori Edwards has several Grand and Reserves with her Commercial heifer
purchased from Crump Club Calves

 Kevin Edwards has had numerous class & division winners with his steer
from Crump Club Calves.

*$500 Scholarship given for Top Heifer and Top Steer
All Calves are GCCPA Eligible.

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Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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