Once again, we had some tremendous proficiency applications. We had 45 of 47 areas submitted this year. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, and mostly patience while creating these applications. Below is a list of 2009 South Region Regional Winners. A list of State Proficiency Finalist will be published by Ben Lastly on March 15, 2009. 
Proficiency Area Type Chapter/School Advisor
Laura Shaw Ag Communications P Early Co. Simmons
Audrey Davis Ag Education P Bainbridge  Lanier
Dusty Pate Ag Mech D/F P Brantley Co. Crews
Jared Corbett Ag Mech Energy Systems P Echols Co. Majeski
Jacob Hines Ag Mech R/M E Tift Co. Cook
Colby Bradford Ag Mech R/M P Berrien Hunter
Ryan Highsmith Ag Processing P Echols Co. Majeski
Brooke Widner Ag Sales E Miller Co. Spooner
Will Roberts Ag Sales P Berrien Staines
Jaren Harris Ag Service P Brantley Co. Crews
Lauren Mathews Beef Production E Jeff Davis Claxton
Clay Sellers Beef Production P Colquitt Co. Collins
Hailey Bostick Dairy Production E Tift Co. Cook
Justin Wilson Dairy Production P Tift Co. Cook
Bo Corbett Div. Ag Production P Echols Co. Corbett
No Applicant Div. Crop Production E    
Jordan Wilson Div. Crop Production P Brantley Co. Crews
Jace Hampton Div. Horticulture P Tift Co. Cook
Amanda Miller Div. Livestock Prod. E Jeff Davis Claxton
Montana Sky Smith Div. Livestock Prod. P Early Co. Simmons
Courtney Curlin Emerging Ag Tech P Lowndes Co. Corbett
Devin Harris Environmental Science & Natural Resourse P Brantley Co. Crews
Tiffany Goff Equine Science E Tift Co. Cook
Lauren Ashley Equine Science P Lowndes Co. Corbett
Kollin Pyle Fiber and/or Oil Crop P Early Co. Simmons
Megan Kearce Wilson Floriculture P Americus Sumter Dixon
Hailey Bostick Food Science P Tift Co. Cook
Michael Tyler Goodman Forage Production E Tift Co. Cook
Staten Levings Forest Management & Products P Echols Co. Corbett
Clint Warren Fruit Production P Berrien Hunter
No Applicant Grain Production E    
John Hanna Grain Production P Seminole Co. Smith
Justin Embry Home and / or Community Development P Randolph Clay Cutts
Dancy Nicholas Golden Landscape Management P Berrien Hunter
Katy Rineair Nursery Operations P Irwin Co. Johnson
Tiffany Goff Outdoor Recreation E Tift Co. Cook
T. J. Hines Poultry Production E Tift Co. Cook
Micheal Coker Sheep Production P Turner Co. Kendrick
Kayla Thacker Small Animal Production and Care P Tift Co. Cook
Windell Sapp Specialty Animal Prod E Jeff Davis Ramay
Chris House Specialty Crop Prod. E Tift Co. Cook
Brooke Widner Swine Production E Miller Co. Spooner
Katie Usry Swine Production P Lee Co. Murphree
Chris Jones Turf Grass Management E Berrien Hunter
Brandon Ross Vegetable Production P Tift Co. Cook
Eric Morris Vet. Medicine P Berrien Meeks
Brett Goebel Wildlife Production P Camden Co. Waters

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
Georgia Department of Education
GVATA Executive Secretary