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Potential for Frost across Georgia Looming Early Next Week

Matthew Chappell, University of Georgia Horticulture Department

If you are like many Georgia residents, you have broken out the shorts and t-shirts. Across much of Georgia, plant material is in the same mood, with buds breaking on all but the latest plant material. However, you need to be aware that the weather is about to take a typical spring swing to colder temperatures. The National Weather Service offices in Peachtree City, Tallahassee, and Greenville/Spartanburg are all forecasting at or below freezing temperatures across the vast majority of Georgia on Monday night (4/6); as far south as the GA/FL boarder and east as Statesboro. To make matters worse, Tuesday night (4/7) could be a repeat frost/freeze for those of us north and east of I-75 and I-16.
Please be aware that the forecast is apt to change (for better or worse) and that growers and landscapers should prepare plant material and inform clients on the possible frost/freeze. Detailed weather forecasts can be obtained online at or via NOAA weather radio. In many cases landscape plants can be protected from frost. See the following links on cold protection. For a NOAA graphic of Georgia's average last frost dates, see below.
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[log in to unmask]" alt="frost map" width="316" align="left" height="336" hspace="12">(Editor’s note: See the following publications for ideas on protecting plants from the cold.)


Cold Protection -


Cold Damage and Ornamental Plants -


Using Irrigation for Cold Protection -


Winter Injury to Evergreens (What to do after a freeze) -



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