Hey Everyone, here are a couple of pics of some show prospects that will be in the Georgia Limousin sale this friday at the Beef Expo. The sale will start around 12:30. The GLA pays more money to its juniors than ANY other breed association in the state.
GLA Field Day June 26 &27 Jefferson, GA
Champ Heifer: $750 Scholarship
Res. Heifer: $500 Scholarship
Champ Steer: $250 Scholarship
Res. Steer: $150 Scholarship
Exhibtors receive $100 cash regardless of placing
2010 State Show
Champ Heifer: $500 Savings Bond
Res. Heifer: $250 Savings bond
Champ Steer: $500 Savings Bond
Res. Steer: $250 Savings bond
Each exhibitor receives $50 cash for every limi heifer or steer exhibited

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Students are the living messages we send into the future that we will never see.