Please see reminders from Dr. Silcox below regarding upcoming show
information.    Please contact your area livestock teacher with questions or

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Agents and Teachers:

*State MARKET LAMB Show and State MARKET GOAT Show Entry Deadline is August

Rule Book and Tag order forms for state shows can be found on the Georgia
4-H webpage at:

If you do not have them already, order your tags now. Left over lamb and
goat tags from last year can be used this year.

Entry Deadline for the State Market Lamb and State Market Goat Shows is
AUGUST 1 this year.  Both Market Lambs and Market Goats will need to be
entered on-line.  The on-line entry site is up and running at:

Everything has been reset since last year.  Extension staff or Ag Teachers
will need to set a new password the first time you login.  (This can be the
same password you used before.)



Entry forms and rules for the Georgia National Fair (entry deadline
September 1) are at:

(Please note that Market Lambs and Market Goats must be entered on-line by
AUGUST 1 as described above.)  GNF will is offering an online registration
system this year, where student's parents can enter student's entries online
and pay online (with a credit card).  Teachers could enter student's & pay
for them with a credit card as well, but there will not be an option to
monitor / add group entries as we do for the state shows.  Each entry must
be entered individually and paid for individually.  The online entry system
should be available on July 13, 2009.

* Gwinnett County Fair info is at:*

Dates and entry info for several other lamb shows are at the GCLPA webpage:

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