Dear Ciliate Community,

For those of you attending the FASEB meeting I wanted to send you the
schedule and format for Thursday afternoon's Workshop: "Ciliates in the
Classroom" to be followed by the Undergraduate Research Symposium (attached
PDF).  If you are interested in the innovative ways that ciliates are being
used in the classroom make sure to come!!  We have a number of interesting
presentations and if you are not presenting but have been using ciliates in
your teaching we will have an open forum discussion in which you have tell
your opinions.  If you have suggestions of potential areas or tools that
could be developed to allow the better use of ciliates in the class bring
those to the discussion too.

For those of you unable to attend the FASEB meeting this year, we will miss
you, but feel free to email me anything that you would like brought up
during the discussion session.

See you in Vermont!


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