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Subject: Passing of Wayne Shackelford
Sent: Sep 1, 2009 9:55 PM

Mr. Wayne Shackelford passed away on Tuesday evening , September 1 at 8pm after an extended illness . Wayne was a former county extension agent in Gwinnett County , former CEO of the Gwinnett County Government and former Director of the Georgia Department of Transportation . He was also a member of the Gwinnett County Fair Association and was a long time member of the Livestock Committee . He was always a staunch supporter of the junior livestock program in Georgia .

 One of his proudest accomplishments was when he received  his Honorary Georgia FFA Degree at the 2007 State FFA Convention. He was always  a great friend of Georgia FFA .

 To learn more about the  life of Wayne Shackelford visit .

 Billy Moss

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