Ag teachers,

I try to use a variety of video/DVD materials in my classroom to enhance
instruction.  While I do not use all these videos, all the time, or even
in their entirety – I have found that they usually stimulate good
classroom discussions with my students.  Also, rather than spending an
entire class period on a video, sometimes we watch a video over a period
of several days.

I have created worksheets for all the videos that I use in class and I
would be happy to share them with you.  If you are interested, please
send me an email and I will forward you a copy of the student video
sheet and the teacher answer sheet.


Mold and Fungus – Modern Marvels (2008)

This video includes:
•     A look at mold and  fungus and how they grow and reproduce
•     Mold in the house and how it is treated and controlled
•     Mycorrhizae (fungal and plant partnerships)
•     Role of fungus in decomposition and soil creation
•     Several crops damaged by fungus (corn, grapes, wheat)
•     Scientists working to use fungi to battle fungi and control
•     Fungal foods, including tempei and quorn, and fungus in cheese
•     Mushroom growers in Pennsylvania
•     Gathering wild mushrooms (such as morels and truffles)
•     Psychoactive mushrooms
•     Fungi and human disease and antibiotics
•     Using fungi to recycle human waste and to produce myco-diesel
Description from The History Channel:
“Fungus is definitely among us. They live within our bodies, grow
beneath our feet and sometimes on them, float in the air we breathe, and
help create many of the foods and beverages we consume. We follow
professional remediators as they battle millions of growing invaders,
all within the walls of mold-infested homes. We see how Phillips
Mushroom Farms, America's largest producer of specialty mushrooms,
carefully grows over 35 million pounds of various colorful fungi every
year. We'll get high with magic mushrooms, get sick with deadly
mushrooms, and get well with penicillin: all fungi. We visit scientists,
looking for ways to use fungi to fuel our car and clean up hazardous
waste. Yes, the lowly fungi may be the salvation of mankind.”

You may purchase a DVD of Mold and Fungus – Modern Marvels  through The
History Chanel.  It is $ 24.95.  Here is a link:

- Libby Lintel

Other video worksheets available:

A Man Named Pearl               (Pearl Fryar – SC topiary artist)
A Different Kind of Grocery Store – 60 Minutes looks at Whole Foods
Agriculture – America’s Most Crucial Industry
American Harvest                (Immigrant labor in Agriculture)
Broken Limbs            (Apples in Washington and Sustainable
City Farmers            (Urban agriculture)
Farming the Seas                (Aquaculture)
Fertilizer – Modern Marvels
Gimme Green             (Turf/Lawn Industry)
Guns, Germs, and Steel  (History of Agriculture)
HOME                    (Global, environmental film)
King Corn                       (Modern corn production and processing)
Our Daily Bread         (Industrial Agriculture)
Ripe for Change                 (Agriculture in California)
The Amazing Story of Kudzu
Water – The Drop of Life – Farms and Factories

Libby Lintel
Horticulture Teacher
Kennesaw Mountain High School
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