“Add Color to Your Landscape Seminar”


This program will cover the essential elements of how to develop a beautiful and colorful landscape. Lean how to select the best plant material to give your landscape year-round appeal and how to deal with problem areas such as shade, wet, and dry areas. The program will cover selection, placement and planting of annuals and perennials as well as woody ornamentals and trees. The program will be taught by University of Georgia Horticulture faculty Bodie Pennisi and Bob Westerfield.


Registration is required. Light refreshments will be served.


Location:      UGA-Griffin Campus Room 114 Student Learning Center


Date:               October 23, 2009


Time:             9:00 – 12:30, Check-in begins 8:30


Cost:              $39.00


Information: For registration information call 770.228.7220 or use included form.


Print, fill out and mail the registration form along with your payment to:


Valerie Schott

1109 Experiment Street, The University of Georgia - Griffin Campus

207 Cowart Building, Griffin, GA  30223


You can also fax the completed registration form to 770.228.7278


Registration Form


Please register one (1) person per form. Copy the form as needed. Pre- payment is required to guarantee your registration.


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Home phone: _______________________                   Email: _____________________


Registration Deadline:  October 20, 2009


Make check payable to:  University of Georgia


You will receive confirmation letter and directions in the mail.





Susan Thornhill

Admin. Asst.

University of Georgia

Ctr for Urban Agriculture

Redding Bldg., Room 273

1109 Experiment St.

Griffin, GA 30223