Teachers, if you have not registered for the Wildlife CDE and you plan to
enter, please go ahead and register so we will know how many teams to


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Subject: Area I and Area II Wildlife CDE
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This year we will host *both an Area I and an Area II* FFA Wildlife Mgt CDE.

Area I will be held Tuesday, September 29 at Sonoraville High School.

Area II will be held Tuesday, September 22 at Whitehall Forest at Flinchum's
Phoenix near the UGA Animal Science Arena.  Check here for directions:

Both events will start with registration from 4:00 - 5:00 pm and the event
will start at 5 pm. Team which arrive as early as 4 pm may go ahead and

The event underwent a few changes; please download the most recent rules and
score sheets at The CDE format is below:


There will be both a Senior and Junior Divisions

Top three teams from each division will advance to the state competition -
Nov. 5- at Swainsboro.

Four members to a team - all four scores count

Each team member will compete in only one practicum area

*Will not have a Team Activity on the Area Level*

*Practicum Requirements:*

White Tail Deer:

-Jawbone Aging

-Ocular Antler Estimation

-Deer Mgt Exam

Wild Turkey:

-Identify Calls


General Wildlife ID:

-Identify species, plants, and equipment

Boating Regulations / Aquatic ID

-Boating Regulation Exam

-Identify Aquatic species, plants, equipment

*If you plan to participate, please respond to this email to indicate your
intent and the division(s) Junior or Senior or both and either Area I or
Area II.



Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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