I would like to express my sincere appreciation for all the encouragement and support that you and your students gave to me at the North Region Rally this past week-end. The nice comments, words of support, positive encouragement, and your attendance with your students during the award presentation was very meaningful to me. I am looking forward to the cooler weather of fall and winter so that I can try out my new jacket. As a way to wrap up the entire event ( and perhaps my time as North Region Coordinator) I would like to share some information from the Rally.

(I am also attaching the chapter of the year points from last year. I encourage you to look at the results for your chapter and set the goal with your students to be a top ten chapter during this school year.)

Here is a recap of the rally activities:

There were 795 people in attendance

AREA ONE (HIGH SCHOOL) Chapter of the Year -- Temple High (Carroll County)
AREA ONE (MIDDLE SCHOOL) Chapter of the Year -- Jasper Middle (Pickens County) *fourth year in a row
AREA TWO (HIGH SCHOOL) Chapter of the Year -- North Oconee High
AREA TWO (MIDDLE SCHOOL) Chapter of the Year -- Franklin County Middle *second year in a row

08-09 MOST PARTICIPATION -- Jasper Middle, Malcom Bridge Middle, Murray Co. High, White Co. High
08-09 GREATEST STUDENT INVOLVEMENT -- Jasper Middle, Malcom Bridge Middle, Murray Co. High, White Co. High
08-09 MOST GOLD EMBLEM WINNERS -- Bagley Middle, Oconee Co. Middle, Murray Co. High, Franklin Co. High

Chapter Challenge for Tug of War -- Pickens County High
Chapter Challenge for Cross Cut Saw -- Cass High
Chapter Challenge for FFA Opening Ceremony -- Franklin Co. Middle
I enjoyed watching the FFA Advisor Challenge. Thanks to Hope Hatcher for making this possible. Jasen Spoon and Johnny Sutton were the winners of this years  advisor challenge.
There were many quiz bowl winners. -- It is always interesting to hear which chapters have the most students win in the various quiz bowl events.
The North Region Staff did a great job (as usual) in making the rally a success. Also the volunteer UGA Students along with Mr. Bill Lott provided great support.
The FFA Camp Staff made the entire event possible.

Once again, I want to say THANK - YOU for making a positive difference in the lives of your students. I would encourage you to focus on the three key elements that make up the North Region Chapter of the Year Award program. No matter where your chapter finished this past year, if you are providing the leadership for growth in these three categories your chapter will continue to succeed.

STUDENT INVOLVEMENT (number of different students involved)
GOLD EMBLEM AWARDS (a student ranking in the top 1/3)

Please remember to view the attachments for chapter of the year points that your chapter earned last year.

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