As you prepare to go to Indianapolis next week for the 82nd National FFA
Convention, please keep a few things in mind:

Medical Authorization forms: If you don't already, I encourage you to have
some sort of medical authorization form completed and with you for every
student that you take to Indy. In case something happens, you will have some
information to make a bad situation better.

If your school does not have a general medical release form, there is a form
on the Georgia FFA website at the following link
This form is for the FFA/FCCLA Center, but will allow you to capture much of
the medical and emergency contact information that you may need in an

Also, National FFA is announcing that medical personnel in Indy will not
treat minors without signed parental consent. Attached is a parental consent
form that will allow a medical professional to care for your student should
the need arise. Please make sure to bring a signed form for each student.

Parking: If you have pre-ordered a parking pass from the national FFA, then
you will have a specific lot to park in Indy. If you have not pre-ordered a
pass, there will be some pay lots available downtown. Keep in mind that
buses will have specific places to park aside from the general lots.

State Block Hotel: If you booked rooms in the Georgia state hotel block at
the Holiday Inn Select North, your lodging reservations have been made. You
will not need a confirmation number and you will not be expected to provide
payment at the hotel. You may however be asked to put down a credit card for
incidental charges (phone calls, etc.) The Holiday Inn North is 12 miles out
of Indy at the intersection of I-465 and Michigan Road. You can take the
interstate loop around Indy and come to downtown, or you can get on Michigan
Road at the hotel and head straight into downtown. Either route should take
you about 25 minutes. There is free parking at the hotel for buses, cars,
trucks, and vans. Your rooms at the hotel are registered in the names that
you submitted to us.

There will be a handful of state staff members lodging at the Holiday Inn
North should you need assistance. Please feel free to contact any of the
following: Todd Teasley (404) 558-4756; David Turner (706) 970-9424;or Hope
Hatcher (478) 697-9838. Contact information for the Holiday Inn North at the
Pyramids is:

3850 Depauw Blvd.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Phone: (317) 872-9790

Shuttle Service: If you booked rooms through the state room block at the
Holiday Inn Select North, you can ride the shuttle from the hotel to
downtown if you don't want to drive or won't have a vehicle. In order to do
so, you will need to purchase shuttle passes at Convention registration, if
you did not complete that as part of your online registration.

Convention Registration: If you have not registered for the Convention
already, then you will have to do that on-site in Indy. Everyone must
register for the convention, including award winners, CDE competitors,
chaperones, etc. If you have students competing in a CDE, a Proficiency
Finalist, or an American Degree recipient, they must be registered for the
convention. Convention Registration is located in the Indianapolis
Convention Center at the corner of Maryland Street and Capitol Street.

State Picture: There will be a state Association picture taken on Friday,
Oct. 23, at 11:00 a.m., on the floor of Lucas Oil Stadium. All Georgia FFA
chapters, advisors, chaperones, etc. are invited to come be in the picture.
There will be order forms available on-site for you to place orders for
copies of the state picture. Please arrive by 10:45 a.m.

CDE participation: If you have a student or team(s) competing in a CDE,
please be sure that you have copies of all necessary correspondence before
you leave for Indy. If you need to change a member of your team, you will
have to do that at the CDE registration desk. There is one CDE registration
office in the Marriott hotel downtown, and one located at the Indiana
Fairgrounds. Please be sure that you are clear on the times, locations,
etc.of your event, as well as the coaches meetings, pictures, award dinners,

Award Winners/Recognition: If you have student(s) going across stage to be
recognized, they will have reserved seating for those students during the
appropriate session. There will be a tag on the seat with the award area
and/or chapter/student name. Please be sure that you have your student(s)
arrive early if they are planning to go across stage so that they find their
appropriate seat. Please be sure that any student going on stage is in
complete and proper official FFA dress!

Facilities: The convention will utilize several facilities in downtown

*The Indiana Convention Center (ICC) will be home to registration, several
CDEs the career show and convention shopping mall.

*Lucas Oil Stadium (football stadium) will be home to the state pictures,
Agriscience Fair, food court, concert, and American Degree ceremony.

*Conseco Fieldhouse is where 8 of the 9 convention sessions happen; the only
exception being the American Degree session (#8) on Saturday morning.

*Indiana State Fairgrounds will host many CDEs.

Finally, many of the downtown hotels will be utilized for CDEs, proficiency
interviews, and meal functions.

Weather: Expect highs in the low 60s and lows down in the 40s for the week.
There is typically a chance of rain while we're there as well. Please
encourage your students to pack accordingly.

Finally, please know that while in Indianapolis, if you have any problems at
all, or need any assistance, you can feel free to contact me, Mr. Chip
Bridges (state FFA advisor). We will do whatever we can to help. If you need
to reach us during the next week, please use the numbers listed below:

Chip Bridges: (706) 410-4605

Ben Lastly: (706) 410-4604

Thanks, and have a safe trip to Indianapolis!


Ben Lastly

Executive Secretary

Georgia FFA Association

316 Poultry Science - UGA

Athens, GA 30602

Phone: (706) 542-8990

Fax: (706) 542-3707