Dear Teachers,
Here are a few reminders:
You have seen the "Help" requests go out for several of the species.  Please continue to sign up on the ones that you are able to help out with.  This could be at checkin or during the show.  Listen and keep an eye out for when help may be needed at line up or in the ring.  Even if you have no experience with livestock, there are numerous jobs that you would be qualified for.  I really appreciate the great response we have had of teachers volunteering to help.
Make sure you have:
Health Papers - on each of the animals and that they meet the requirements listed out in the Health Section of the Rule Book.  The Health Inspectors will be taking a closer look at animals than in the past so please be patient.
Registration Papers - Make sure registration papers match what was entered and tattoo in calf's ear or ear notch on breeding gilts.
Ear Tags - Make sure they match entries and are CLEAN enough to read at checkin.
Tattoos - Make sure they are READABLE.  Make sure students clean out ears before going to checkin.
Ear Notches - Match up with registration papers and entry form.
Remember, the general public will be all around the next two weeks.  This is a great opportunity to teach Agricultural Awareness.  Yes, your and your students are very busy during the shows, but take the opportunity when it arises to show the public what a great experience exhibiting livestock can be and the importance of Agriculture to everyone.  The little things we take for granted may see very strange to someone who is not around livestock (whips, halters, muzzles, etc.)  The public is always looking for something inflamatory to get on the news.  Do your part in making the fair a good experience for everyone.
If you have any questions, give your Area Animal Science Teacher a call.  If you missed the first email, my new cell phone number is 478/595-5351
Ricky Wheeler
Area Livestock Teacher
Central Region
Agricultural Education

711 Highway 57 West
Swainsboro, Georgia 30401