Teachers today, October 9th,  is the registration deadline for the North Region Nursery Landscape CDE. Below is the list of school I have registered. Please review and let me know of any edits or additions. Registration and contest packages will be constructed based on the registration list. Thanks for your review and preparation of students for the cde. I will send out cde information and directions in a seperate email.


Area I

Junior Division

1.       Southeast Whitfield, G. Bushey

2.       Bagley Middle, P. Little

3.       Pope High, J. Green

4.       Westside Middle, S. Duckworth

5.       Sonoraville High, S. Clark

6.       Chattooga Co High, D. Yarbrough

7.       Summerville Middle, L. Jarrett

8.       LaFayette High, R. Stephens

9.       Ridgeland High, W. Matteson

10.   Pope High,  J. Green

11.   Bowden, R. Ayers

12.   Arabia Mtn High, J. Rogers

13.   Murray Co High, D. Bushey

14.   Gladden Middle, K. Williams

15.   Campbell High,  S. Harper


Senior Division

1.       Southeast Whitfield, G. Bushey

2.       Pope High, J. Green

3.       Ola High, E. Felton

4.       Cherokee Co High,  J. Helms

5.       Henry Co High, C. Gilmore

6.       Sonoraville High, S. Clark

7.       Chattooga Co High, D. Yarbrough

8.       Floyd Co CCA, D. Warren

9.       Lafayette High, R. Stephens

10.   Ridgeland High , W. Matteson

11.   Mundy Mill High, C.Lily

12.   Creekside High, T. Hyman

13.   Pope High, J. Green

14.   Bowdon High, R. Ayers

15.   Eagles Landing, C. Coleman

16.   Woodland @ Bartow, T. Casteel

17.   Dutchtown, N. Conner

18.   Haralson, D. Turner

19.   Arabia Mtn, J. Rogers

20.   South Cobb High, P. McCabe & H. Mirtyl

21.   Murray Co High, M. Bushey

22.   Paulding Co High, M. Townson

23.   Campbell High, S. Harper

Area II

Junior Division

1.       Madison Co Middle, A. Tankersley

2.       Lincolnton FFA, D. Gay

3.       Malcolm Bridge, J. Allen

4.       North Hall, J. Sutton

5.       Oconee Middle, S. Schempp

6.       North Oconee, S. Mitchell

7.       Madison Co Fresh Acad, T. Stephens

8.       White Co High, J. Stribling

9.       Hart Co High, C. Moss

10.   Loganville Midde, B. Walker

11.   Jackson Co High, R. Buchanan

12.   North Habersham Middle, Chris Hook


Senior Division

1.       East Hall High, B. Saunders

2.       Loganville High, A. Needham

3.       Lincolnton , D. Gay

4.       Monroe Area , K. Howell

5.       Chestatee,  T. Hunt

6.       North Hall, J. Sutton

7.       North Oconee, S. Mitchell

8.       Madison Co Fresh Acad, T. Stephens

9.       White Co High, J. Stribling

10.   Hart Co High, C. Moss

11.   East Jackson High, T. Ginn

12.   Rockdale Career Acad, K. Surrette

13.   Jackson Co High, R. Buchanan

14.   Habersham Central, A. Crump

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