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A few highlights from this week’s message:

-       The Study Abroad Peer Advisors will be presenting a special panel to share their experiences with various study abroad programs. We’re proud of our Peer Advisors…don’t miss this event! See item # 1 below for the details.

-       The 2009 International Photo and Video Contest is OPEN!!! This year’s competition is ALL NEW, so you’ll want to carefully read the contest guidelines to be sure we can accept your entry. Note the new categories, file sizes, new entry form, and more! See item #14 below for the skinny.

-       Please note that the Office of International Education will CLOSED on Monday, October 19th, 2009

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In this week’s message…

1. Study Abroad Peer Advisor Panel: students share their experience 10/14
2. Service Learning in Africa, Brown Bag, 10/21
3. Germany Exchange Opportunity after graduation! Deadline: 12/1
4. European Council of the University System of GA announces its Summer Study Abroad Programs
5. Walk-in Advising in Memorial Hall: every Tuesday & Friday afternoon
6. Options Abroad Info Sessions in the Office of Study Abroad (offered 3 days a week)
7. Social Issues Maymester in Northern Ireland-running in 2010!

8. Academic Programs International (API) scholarships, Deadline: 10/16
9. Elizabeth Suzanne Shaefer Scholarship, Deadline 10/20
10. Spring Semester Abroad Scholarship for Costa Rica’s Earth University (UGA Undergrads), Deadline: 10/30
11. Get Paid for your Stories and Photos from Abroad: Glimpse Correspondents Program, Deadline 11/1
12. Sara’s Wish Scholarship Fund, Preliminary Applications due 10/2009-1/2010
13. Zeta Phi Beta Deborah Partridge Wolfe International Fellowship: Accepting applications now through Feb 1, 2010.

14. UGA International Photo & Video Contest-ENTER BY 10/30!
15. Global Leadership Institute Program: 10/13, 10/22
16. Peace Corps Seminar, presented by a recent Volunteer, 10/14
17. African American Studies Scholars Day, 10/14
18. Film: Favela Rising (2006). 10/14
19. Film: Women In Islam. 10/15
20. World Food Day Festivities, 10/16
21. International COFFEE HOUR 10/16
22. Film: Madeinusa (2006) Peru. 10/13
23. Study Abroad Program Evaluations
24. Unsubscribe yourself from SISA-L


1. Study Abroad Peer Advisor Panel: students share their experience, 10/14

5pm-7pm, Journalism Building Room 501

Come learn about the experiences of students who have studied abroad through various types of programs and in different regions of the world.  Students will share their personal experiences and discuss the benefits, expectations and preparations for their study abroad programs.


2.   Service Learning in Africa, Brown Bag, 10/21

A presentation in the APERO Brown Bag Speaker Series. Presented by Dr. Sandra Whitney, African Studies. All Apero lectures are on Wednesdays from 12:15 to 1:15 in African American Cultural Center, Memorial Hall. Free of charge. Bring your own lunch and enjoy the speaker!


3. Germany Exchange Opportunity after graduation! Deadline: 12/1

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) is currently accepting applications from your students and recent graduates who are interested in living, studying, and interning in Germany on a full-year, funded fellowship.  CBYX is sponsored by the US and German governments for applicants in all career fields between the ages of 18-24, and does not require any prior German language knowledge!  Applicants in business, vocational, technical, engineering, scientific, and agricultural fields are especially encouraged to apply.

75 participants are annually awarded the CBYX fellowship to spend a year studying and working in their career fields while completely immersed in German language and culture.  Please forward this email to ideal candidates among your students and young alumni, who can find more information at

The CBYX for Young Professionals fellowship includes:
• two months of intensive German language training (prior German language knowledge is not required, but preferred)
• four months of study in the participant’s career field at a German college or university
• five-month internship in the participant’s career field with a German company
• accommodations living with German hosts, in shared apartments, and in student dorms
• transatlantic airfare and monthly food stipends
• health/accident insurance
• various program seminars in the United States and Germany
• support throughout the program year by local program representatives

• US citizen or permanent resident
• between the ages of 18-24 at the start of the program in July 2010
• high school diploma or equivalent
• clear career goals and some relevant work experience in career field
• strong interest in German and international affairs, and a strong sense of American identity
• flexibility, independence, and diplomacy

Application deadline is December 1, 2009 for the program beginning in July 2010.  For more information, and to apply online, visit:   Questions?  Please contact [log in to unmask] or 212-497-3522.


4. European Council of the University System of GA announces its Summer Study Abroad Programs

Available to students from throughout Georgia.

The European Council sponsors large summer study programs for USG students in major locations in Europe, including St. Petersburg, Bonn, Madrid, Paris, Waterford and London. In courses taught largely by faculty from USG colleges and universities, students blend classroom experiences with group and individual travel as they earn academic credit at their home institutions. These programs bring together students and faculty from across Georgia to share in four or five week intensive learning and travel ventures.

Visit the website for all program brochures and complete information: and contact Kornelia Mackowiak, Study Abroad Coordinator, here at UGA with any questions:  [log in to unmask]


5.  Walk-in Advising with a Study Abroad Representative in Memorial Hall:

Are you interested in studying, working, or volunteering abroad? If so, you can stop by Memorial Hall on Tuesdays and Fridays between 1:30-5:00pm to meet with a study abroad representatives. No appointment is necessary these are walk-in sessions! The study abroad representatives will be in Memorial Hall, Room 233 (in the ICA Department suite). You can also schedule an appointment to meet with a study abroad advisor at their main location downtown at the Bank of America Building.

6. Options Abroad Info Sessions in the Office of Study Abroad (offered 3 days a week)

In these 50-minute information sessions, a study abroad Advisor in the Office of Study Abroad will explain the basics of finding a study abroad program, using the resources in our study abroad library, the process of transferring credit from an external study abroad program, financial aid and scholarships for study abroad, health and insurance, basic travel information, information on working, volunteering, or interning abroad, and SISA, the study abroad listserv.

The sessions are held three times a week in 303 Bank of America Building, 110 E. Clayton St. Visit our website for more information.
Students must sign up in advance as space is limited.


7. Social Issues Maymester in Northern Ireland-running in 2010!

Who:   Undergraduate and Graduate students of all departments
           (preference given to social  work students)
What:  Social Issues in Northern Ireland

o   Trauma Recovery
o   Conflict Resolution
o   Community Building

When:  Maymester 2010.

Approx. 2  weeks in Northern Ireland plus one 3 hour class session before the trip

Where: Belfast, Ballycastle, Derry, Strabanne, Omagh, Giant's Causeway and more

Cost:    Approximately $2300 plus airfare and tuition

Credit:  3 credit hours. Students have the option to earn an additional 3 hours for a service-learning project or other independent study as agreed upon with professor.

Contact:          Dr. Nancy R. Williams, 706 542-3938,  [log in to unmask]


8. Academic Programs International (API) program scholarships: Deadline: 10/16

Academic Programs International*   runs study abroad programs to destinations that include locations in Spain, Italy, Mexico, France, Ireland, Hungary and Poland. API awards approximately $250,000 in scholarship money annually ranging from $250-$1,000 per student! You may download a scholarship form from our website. The requirements are as follows:
1.      The student must have applied to and been accepted on an API program.
2.      The student must obtain one additional letter of recommendation (in addition to the one required for the API application) from a professor or an assistant professor (for a total of 2 letters).
3.      The student must submit two essays:
o       A one-page essay about the current political situation in the country for which you are applying.
o       A one-page personal essay stating your goals for studying abroad, and any financial needs, financial aid status, or special circumstances about which you would like API to know.
4.      Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) or higher in order to apply.
5.      Scholarship application deadlines:
For Fall/Year: June 10
For Spring: October 15
For Summer: April 1


9. Elizabeth Suzanne Schaefer Scholarship, Deadline 10/20

Only for UGA undergraduates attending External or UGA-sponsored study abroad or exchange program. 3.0 minimum GPA. Application includes an essay describing your educational goals and how study abroad will complement your studies at UGA.

For complete information and an on-line application, go to the UGA OIE Study Abroad webpage and scroll down to the link for the Schaefer scholarship:


10. SPRING SEMESTER ABROAD TO COSTA RICA'S EARTH UNIVERSITY: Scholarship Opportunity for UGA Undergraduate. Deadline 10/30

Since 1998, the UGA Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute (LACSI) has carried out a student internship program with Costa Rica's EARTH University (Escuela de Agricultura de la Región Tropical Húmeda), bringing in that span over a dozen EARTH students to UGA and providing occasional internship opportunities and exchanges for UGA students and faculty. EARTH University, located in Guácimo, Limón, Costa Rica is a private, international, non-profit university which offers an undergraduate program leading to a licenciatura degree in agricultural sciences and the rational use of natural resources.  EARTH University was created out of a conviction that the environmental and social challenges confronting the planet can be resolved through education that promotes science, technology and entrepreneurship while focusing on essential human values, leadership and a commitment to social and environmental service.  Their website is:
For spring semester 2010, LACSI will provide a scholarship to send one highly qualified, advanced Spanish proficiency UGA undergraduate student to EARTH University to take courses for academic credit.  The scholarship will cover the student's roundtrip airfare and living expenses during their tenure at EARTH University. The spring semester at EARTH University begins on January 18, 2010. The selected student will work with the UGA Office of International Education's study abroad staff to get pre-departure course credit transfer approvals initiated.

If this scholarship interests you, please send 1) a letter expressing how a semester at EARTH University would further your academic goals and 2) a copy of your most recent transcripts to Mr. Paul Duncan, Assistant Director, Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute, 290 South Hull Street, Athens, GA 30602.  Deadline for submission of the letter and transcripts is Friday, October 30, 2009.
Sample EARTH University courses available in spring 2010 include: Cultivos Trópicales, Manejo de Plagas (Entomología), Manejo de Plagas (Malezas), Introducción a la Realidad Latinoamericana, Procesos Fisiológicos y Sistemas Poscosecha, Sistemas Agropecuarios Sostenibles, Propiedades de los Suelos del Trópico, Silvicultura Tropical, Ecología, Procesamiento de Alimentos, Riego y Drenaje, Economía, Política y el Ambiente, Mercadeo y Comercio Internacional, Cultivo de Banano, Nutrición Animal, Fruticultura, Plantas Ornamentales.



It is with great pleasure that we announce the application cycle for the Spring 2010 Glimpse Correspondents Program! Supported in part by National Geographic Society, the Correspondents Program is for especially talented study abroad students specializing in writing or photography. Correspondents receive a $600 stipend, a professional editor, career training in writing and photography, guaranteed publication on, and potential publication in National Geographic platforms.

The online application is now open and is due Nov. 1.

If you are unfamiliar with the program, click here to watch the introductory video and learn more:


12. The Sara's Wish Scholarship Fund, Preliminary Applications Due Oct 2009 thru January, 2010.

SARA'S WISH FOUNDATION was established to perpetuate the memory of Sara Christie Schewe. In 1996, Sara, a beautiful and loving young woman, was killed in a fatal bus crash in India along with three classmates while participating in the University of Pittsburgh's Semester at Sea Program.  Sara's Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Safe And Rewarding Adventures for students, emerged out of this Semester at Sea tragedy. This organization promotes education about travel safety guidelines.

A Legacy of Leadership, Service, and Adventure…The Mission of the Scholarship Fund is to perpetuate Sara's ideals by providing financial support for travel experiences for students who share Sara's zest for life, love of adventure, and zeal to excel.

Sara's Wish Foundation scholarships are awarded to extraordinary young women committed to making the world a better place by fully participating in it. Assistance has been offered to dozens of young women who exhibit qualities of leadership, service, and adventure. With our financial contributions, young women have defrayed the costs associated with traveling to all areas of the globe.  Ethiopia, Korea, the Philippines, Chile, Nepal, and South Africa are just a few examples. Our scholarship recipients perform a wide variety of remarkable public services in these distant lands, contributing to the welfare of our global village. Be sure to read more about them, as they truly offer inspiration and hope for our future.

Scholarship Application Information Criteria:
A commitment to public service
A strong record of scholarship
A history of leadership experience
A sincere interest in the work of Sara's Wish Foundation
A willingness to join with Sara's Wish Foundation in its ongoing efforts to improve safety awareness

Timeline: Scholarships are granted yearly according to the timeline below.

- Oct-Jan: Preliminary Applications reviewed as they are submitted.
- Nov-Feb: Candidates selected from the preliminary applications are asked to submit resumes, essays, and two letters of recommendation.
- Dec-March:    Finalists are interviewed by telephone or in person by members of the scholarship committee.
- March: All scholarship winners are announced by the end of March.

Visit the Sara’s Wish Foundation website:


13. Zeta Phi Beta Deborah Partridge Wolfe International Fellowship: Accepting applications now through Feb 1, 2010.

Available to graduate or undergraduate United States students studying abroad and/or graduate or undergraduate foreign students studying within. Awarded for full-time study for one academic year (Fall-Spring). Amount varies from $500 to $1,000 paid directly to recipient. Documented proof of academic study and plan of program must be sent to the Scholarship Chairperson with signature of school administrator or Program Director.

Copies of the scholarship application form may be accessed electronically via the following websites: or or
Three letters of recommendation (from a College Professor or High School Teacher, a Minister or Community Leader, and Other); An official University/High School Transcript; An essay of 150 words or more. Include information about yourself, your educational goals and professional
aspirations. How can this award help you to achieve these goals? Why should you receive this award? Award recipients, only, will be notified, no later than August 15, of the Foundation's actions.


14. International Photo & Video Contest-ENTER BY 10/30!

This contest is sponsored every year by UGA’s Office of International Education in celebration of International Education Week.

This year’s contest features all new photo categories and the first-ever video contest! Visit the official contest webpage for more all the details:


- Deadline: 5:00 pm, EST on Friday, October 30, 2009.

- Winners Announced during International Education Week: Friday, November 20th, 2009 at International Coffee Hour in Memorial Hall Ballroom, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Prizes, a silent auction, food, and a chance to cast your vote in the People's Choice photo award. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize to each photo category. A grand prize to the winning video.

- Eligibility: The 2009 Photo & Video Contest is open to all UGA students who are currently studying abroad, or have recently studied, traveled, or worked abroad, and all international students who are currently enrolled at UGA.

-2009 Categories:
    1. Student Engagement
    2. Creative Expression
    3. Study Abroad Video


15. Global Leadership Institute Program: 10/13, 10/22

The International Student Life Office would like to invite you to participate in the Global Leadership Institute program.

Two out of four programs in the series remain. These are internationally-focused seminars that facilitate opportunities for students to enhance a variety of global competencies.

Global Leadership

Creating Change in the 21st Century
October 13, 2009 Tate 137 from 7pm till 8:30pm

Building an International Resume in Athens and Abroad
October 22, 2009 Tate 137 from 7pm till 8:30pm

These program inform cultural awareness, promote diversity appreciation, and actively advance student engagement in the international community. GLI is open to all UGA students and is also free to attend; those who attend three of the four seminars will be recognized with a certificate of completion.

Students are not required to register for any of the programs. For further information please call the ISL office at (706) 542-5867.


16. Peace Corps Seminar, presented by a recent Volunteer, 10/14

Sustainable Agriculture: Returning to the University of Georgia after spending two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Panama, Masters International Crop and Soil Sciences student, Catie Young, will be giving a seminar regarding her experience.
When:  Wednesday 14 October at 1:30pm
Where:  Miller Plant Sciences, Room 2401
All are invited to attend!


17. African American Studies Scholars Day, 10/14

Sponsored by the Institute for African American Studies, African Studies Institute, African American Cultural Center. Second annual celebration of scholarship in African American Studies. Speakers: Derrick Alridge and R. Baxter Miller. 12:15 p.m. African American Cultural Center, fourth floor, Memorial Hall. Contact: [log in to unmask]


18. Film: Favela Rising (2006). 10/14

Sponsored by the Georgia Museum of Art and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Introduction by Susan C. Quinlan, associate professor of Portuguese, department of Romance languages. Documentary film tells the story of Anderson S , a former drug trafficker who promotes dance, hip-hop and street music as an alternative to violence, drugs and corruption, creating the Afro-Reggae movement in the process. Portuguese with English subtitles (80 minutes). Latin American Film Series. 7:00 p.m. 150 Miller Learning Center. Contact: 706-542-4662,, [log in to unmask]


19. Film: Women In Islam. 10/15

Sponsored by the Muslim Student Association. Documentary viewing and Slma Shelbayah, Georgia State University, will discuss the role of modern Muslim American women. Question and answer session to follow. 6:00 p.m. 101 Miller Learning Center. Contact: [log in to unmask]


20. World Food Day Festivities, 10/16

The International Association for Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences at UGA (IAAS UGA) would like to invite you to participate in the World Food Day festivities!
World Food Day is a worldwide event designed to increase awareness, understanding and informed, year-around action to alleviate hunger.    To commemorate this day, we will be watching the live World Food Day teleconference and participating in discussion.  The teleconference is broadcast live from Washington, D.C., and the panel consists of Max Finberg from the USDA, Rep. Jim McGovern, who serves as co-chair of the Congressional Hunger Caucus, and Joy Phumaphi of Botswana, Vice President and Head of the Human Development Network at the World Bank.  There will also be a live feed from the World Food Prize Laureate in Iowa.  In addition to viewing the teleconference, we will host a discussion and provide refreshments for guests.  For more information about World Food Day, visit

Date: Friday, October 16, 2009
Time: 12:00 P.M. - 3:00 P.M.
Place: Conner Hall Room 103

If you have class during this time, come when you can!  This is a great opportunity for students from all disciplines across the university to gather and discuss the problems and solutions concerning world food security.


21. International COFFEE HOUR 10/16

Don't miss Coffee Hour this Friday, from 11:30-1:30pm. Stop by the Memorial Hall, Ballroom for refreshments, music, and great conversation! This program is open to everyone. For more information contact the International Student Life office at 542-5867.

22.  Film: Madeinusa (2006) Peru. 10/13

Sponsored by the Romance Languages Lecture Fund and LASCI. This film centers around Madeinusa, a sweet girl who lives in an isolated religiously zealous village in mountainous Peru. Everything changes when a geologist from Lima arrives and unknowingly reshapes Madeinusa's destiny. New Looks on Latin American Cinema film series. In conjunction with Hispanic Heritage Month. 6:30 p.m. Tate Student Center Theater. Tuesdays through Oct. 27. Contact: 706-254-3042, [log in to unmask]



We are always interested in receiving evaluations from students who have recently returned from a Study Abroad program. It doesn’t matter if it was a UGA program or an external program…we would love to know more about your experiences abroad! Your feedback is filed in the Study Abroad Library to help other students be informed before deciding on a program (you can be anonymous if you like!)

Visit to fill out an evaluation and have your comments posted in the OIE Study Abroad Library!  Thank you!


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