Thank-you for an excellent contest. The top teams had great scores and the
High Individuals were superb scores. It shows the amount of preparation that
teams put forth.
The *top 2* teams in each area will advance to State competition on *Super
Saturday, March 20, 2010 *at the State FFA Camp. Team results are attached.

Area 3 *Junior *
1st  Perry High
2nd Pike County Middle
High Individual  Tyler Claxton/Perry

Area 3 *Senior *
1st  Mary Persons
2nd Perry High
High Ind Jonathan Fall/Perry

Area 4 *Junior*
1st Jefferson County High
2nd Burke County High
High Ind Caleb Weeks/Jefferson

Area 4 *Senior*
1st Jefferson County High
2nd Portal High
High Ind  Rachel Foss/Jefferson

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