Greenhouse management workshop.
*Date*: Thursday January 7th, 2010
*Location:* South Milledge Greenhouse Complex, UGA Campus Athens
*One Professional Learning Unit* with CTEA Resource Network will be
available for attending this workshop.

It will be a one day drive in workshop to help teachers plan and prepare for
spring crops.
Hands on labs with plugs, rooted cuttings, crop schedules, color bowls,
fertilizers, pesticide.
*Basic "how to" class for spring greenhouse crops.
*Labs will mentor how to teach labs in educational greenhouse with students,
rubric chart for skills and knowledge obtainment.

*Agenda for the Workshop*:
8:00 - 8:30 -Registration/Introductions

8:30 - 9:00 - Greenhouse Crop Schedules
a. How to plan a planting schedule to have all greenhouse crops ready to
sale at the same time
b. Supplies needed
b. Pricing

9:00 -10:15 - Seeds (30 min lecture / 45 min hands on lab)
a. What should you grow by seed
b. How to obtain high germination
c. How to transplant seedlings
d. How to grow out seedlings

10:30 - noon - Spring Plugs and Rooted Liners (30 min lecture / 45 min hands
on lab)
a. How to care for upon arrival
b. How to plant
c. Fertilizer / Fungicide
d. How to prepare for sale
e. Pinching Methods

Noon-12:30: Lunch: Bring your own sack lunch

12:30 - 1:30: Color Bowls (Hands on lab)
a. How to select materials and design a color bowl
b. How to construct a color bowl for spring sales

1:30 - 2:30 - Hanging Basket Production (15 lecture / 45 min hands on lab)
a. How to produce hanging baskets from plugs
b. How to produce hanging baskets from cuttings

2:30 - 3:30- Fertilizer (30 Lecture / 30 Lab)
a. Calculation of Rates
b. How to operate Fertilizer Injector
c. How to test EC

3:30 - 4:30- Pesticide Management (Lecture / ID of live samples)
a. Identification of Most Common Insects
b. Identification of Most Common Disease
c. How to treat most common insects and disease

*Registration:*Class will be posted on the CTAE Resource Network the first
week of December.
To register for the class go to

Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-542-3679 / 706-540-0032
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