Weekly update on America’s Heartland PBS TV series.  2009-2010 Season 5

America’s Heartland, produced by KVIE in California is a weekly video
magazine about agriculture.  It is a great classroom resource – either
as an entire episode, or as just a 5 minute segment.  It is a great way
to bridge gaps between the Georgia Performance Standards actual hands-on
activities.  For example, few of us grow corn for ethanol or soy for
biodiesel…so using short and entertaining video clips that shows how
these products are made and used – is probably better than either
avoiding these topics or covering them simply by reading or class

America’s Heartland videos offer virtual classroom fieldtrips looking
into areas of agriculture that some of us may not explore – such as
aquaculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, fruit and nut production, as
well as a variety of row crops.  The series is wholesome, patriotic,
up-to-date, devoted to American agriculture, and quite informative and
entertaining.  I can’t say enough about how this series has helped both
me and my urban/suburban students learn about American agriculture.

If you visit the websites listed below, you can videostream the episodes
in your classroom – no $$$/fees involved.  Likewise, you can contact
America’s Heartland and order an individual episode or an entire season.
 Ask for a teacher discount.

I have worksheets that I have made for all 96 episodes in this series:
101-120, 201-220, 301-322, 401-422, 501-512. Please email and I will be
happy to send you up to around 5 worksheets at a time as an attachment.

* NOTE - The worksheets are using the font: ZapfHumnst BT and are best
viewed using this font.  Here is a link to download the font:
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Season 5 – Episode 512
* Farmers using social media sites to communicate, learn, and educate
* Commercial cuisine development at Tyson’s test kitchens in AR
* Virginia nursery operation that grows specialty herbs and produce for
local chefs
* Agri-tainment in KS – a family pumpkin patch/amusment epark

Season 5 – Episode 511 – Texas Episode
* Nolan Ryan, cattle rancher and beef ambassador
* Texas geography and agriculture – Cotton and Cattle
* Fire ants – damage and research to control them using phorid flies
* Feral hogs – damage and methods of control

Season 5 – Episode 510
* Singer Jewel and PBR rider Ty Murray decompress on their ranch
* Delaware dairy diversifies into ice cream production
* Growing sugar beets and wheat in Montana
* Boutique bakery making artisan breads from Midwestern wheat

Season 5 – Episode 509
* Cattle rustlers/cattle theft – paperwork and branding
* Risk management strategies for row crop agriculture
* Burpee seeds, history of the company, improving seeds,
* Sausage/wurst making

Season 5 – Episode 508
* Park City, UT ranch and horseback riding, environmental stewardship
* Nebraska wheat farmer, no-till agriculture
* Chicken breeding facility in AK, improvements in breeding, biosecurity
* Restoring and rebuilding old dairy barns

Season 5 – Episode 507
* A small rural town in CO raises stock to save the town’s only grocery
* Catfish and warm-water aquaculture research in Arkansas
* TN ranch that breeds rare black Clydesdales for work a
nd riding horses
* WY rancher leaves his job at a bank to ret
* Agritourism on a working ranch in WY
* Young farmer raising hay in TN
* Ag education in Elementary schools in Tillamook, OR
* Salt mining in Utah

Season 5 – Episode 505
* Young ranchers return to the farm after Ivy League educations;
ranchers working with the Nature Conservancy as stewards of the land
* Growing koshihikari rice in Arkansas
* Raising sheep for wool – turning fleece into yarn – yarn crafts
* Zebra ranch in Utah

Season 5 – Episode 504
* Florida citrus industry battles citrus greening disease
* Longhorn cattle, cattle industry changes
* Farm classroom for inner city kids, farm training program for adults
in Mass.
* Sweet potato farming and packing operation in Ark. – industry safety

Season 5 – Episode 503
* Dairy goes from co-op to on-site processing
* Orchids
* AK wheat/soybean farm adjusting to the changing times
* New, young farmers starting out in AZ planting pecans and grapes

Season 5 – Episode 502
* Maple syrup collection and production in VT and NH
* Sheep drive in AZ on the Haber Reno sheep trail
* Oregon feed mill operation in its fifth generation
* Ohio’s Malabar Farm – Working farm in a state park – pioneer in
sustainable agricultural practices

Season 5 – Episode 501
* A Florida rancher who is also a photographer
* A “correctional farm” program in Ohio that is helping inmates develop
skills to help them after release
* Family-owned orange grove in California’s Central Valley (Valencia and
navel oranges)
* Tennessee goat farm that produces artisan goat cheeses

- Libby Lintel

Libby Lintel
Horticulture Teacher
Kennesaw Mountain High School
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