Reminder:  The livestock judging practice classes at the FFA-FCCLA Center are available until next Friday, November 20, 2009.   Classes available for practice are:  2 market lamb classes, 1 breeding ewe class, 2 market hog classes, 1 breeding gilt class, and 3 Simm Angus Heifer classes.  There have been over 150 students visit the camp the past couple of weeks to practice from FFA chapters, 4H programs and the UGA Livestock judging team.  We have gotten several comments that it was a good practice for the students - especially that it is so difficult to get that many species together at one time to have a good practice.  There are classes already set up that your students can judge, or you can mix animals & make your own classes.

There is a small $5.00 per student charge for attending.  The fee goes to help cover the feed costs of the animals.  Please contact Mr. Leroy Bagley at [log in to unmask] if you are interested in attending before next Friday.  Also - the market lambs will be for sale as of November 21, 2009.  Please contact Mr. Todd Teasley [log in to unmask] or Mr. Billy Moss [log in to unmask] if you know of anyone who is interested in purchasing a market lamb for $125.   Most the lambs for sale are whethers - average weight 130#. These lambs are a great size & weight for processing to put in the freezer.

Special thank you to Mr. Teasley & Mr. Moss for making this opportunity available to so many students! 

Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
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