Applauds to the below North Region Teachers who have stayed on top of
monthly reporting.
Know it to be a tedious task to sit down and account for all the wonderful
work that you do but it is important data to have to justify extended
day/year funding for agriculture education teachers.

December's quarterly review will determine if teachers are meeting *POW
standard #8*: "*The teacher will submit timely monthly reports."* (reminder
monthly reports at due by the 10th of the each month*) *
*Ex. *Nov 10th all reports through October should have been completed.

If your name is not listed below take time to catch up and stay on track in
the future to ensure that you can check off 100% of your program standards.
If you need assistance with your monthly report please give me a call I will
be glad to work with you.

North Region Teachers Meeting POW Standard #8 to Date:

1. Tim Boiling
2. Connie Collier
3. Tyrone Casteel
4. Ryan Ayers
5. David Yarbrough
6. Ashley Rivers
7. Pam Stratton
8. Joe Green
9. Joshua Rogers
10. David Warren
11. Dixie Wyatt
12. David Young
13. Sarah Adams
14. Tabitha Hunt
15. Chris Moss
16. Anna Purcell
17. Nathan Conner
18. Allen Nasworthy
19. Sherry Crown
20. Taylor Ginn
21. Todd Shultz
22. Robbie Buchanan
23. Micah Storey
24. Matthew Wood
25. John Hembree
26. Trisha Lastly
27. Kay Farmer
28. Jerry Taylor
29. Cindy Jones
30. April Tankersley
31. Tim Savelle
32. Josh Allen
33. Sidney Bell
34. Scott Rushing
35. Sandra Schempp
36. Kristin Kovar
37. Matt Townson
38. Michael Ferguson
39. Shawn Bertrang
40. Nick Moody
41. Peter Davis
42. Kelly Howell
43. Dustin Keener
44. Megan Dickerson
45. Zack Lumpkin
46. Constance Saxon
47. Tony White
48. Eric Holton
49. Sara Duckworth
50. Matt Ehlers

Dr. Teri Hamlin
North Region Agriculture Education
Georgia Department of Education
204C Four Towers University of Georgia
Athens, Ga 30602
706-542-3679 / 706-540-0032
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