The Sub Area 2B Creed and Extemporaneous Speaking Events Career Development Events will still be held at Jackson County High School today, November 10th. We still plan to begin registration at 3:30 pm with first speakers to commence at 4:00 pm and the first extemporaneous speaker will enter the preparation room at 4:30 or earlier if present. We will not use the barn/classroom facility due to Tropical Storm Ida blowing through and predicted to be quite heavy during our contest. Please continue to come around back of the school on Panther Drive and we will have signs or markers to provide you with where to enter the school building. You may park at the barn or outside the school building as space is available. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Jay Borden [log in to unmask]
cell: 404-683-7199

Schools Participating:

Creed: Hart Co. Middle, Hart Co. High, East Jackson High, Franklin Co. Middle, East Jackson Middle, West Jackson Middle, Jefferson HS, Banks Co. HS, Banks Co. Middle, North Hall HS and East Hall HS.

Extemp: Hart Co. High Franklin Co. HS, North Hall HS, and Habersham Central HS

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