I know several of you are beginning to prepare for the Livestock Judging contests in December.  The area 1 contest is scheduled for:  Thursday, December 3 and the Area 2 contest is scheduled for:  Tuesday, December 8.  The Area 1 Contest will be held in Calhoun at the NW GA Livestock Pavilion and the Area 2 Contest will be held in Athens at the UGA Animal & Dairy Science ArenaI will send more information regarding each contest in the coming weeks along with registration information for each contest. 

Please review the awards bulletins for each contest  at this link:  http://gaaged.org/Career%20Development%20Events/CDE.HTML.  Click on the link for CDE Awards Bulletin for complete guidelines on the contest.  I am also attaching a copy of the CDE Scan tron for the Livestock CDE.  Please start using it in practice as much as possible, so your students will be familiar with the form. 

Each area contest will consist of 6 placing classes; with two sets of reasons for seniors and one set of reasons for juniors.  Juniors will give reasons on beef heifers for the Area Contest.  The Seniors will also be asked to evaluation Female Selection (Keep / Cull on 8 heifers using performance data).  The Seniors will also complete a 20 question management test.  The reference for the Management test is:  Modern Livestock & Poultry Production (7th Edition) by James Gillespie.  I will pull questions from the following Sections / Units:  Section 3 (Units 9-12).  I will not use any questions on chickens, horses, dairy, etc... questions will only be used relating to the species currently included in the contest:  Beef Cattle, Sheep, Hogs & Goats (new). We may have a class of market goats at the area contests (depending on availability of classes). 

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or need assistance in getting your team ready for the contest. 

Christa Steinkamp
North Region - Area Livestock Teacher
204 Four Towers,
University of Georgia
Athens, GA  30602
706.542.9775 ofc
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