On November 17th the South Region Public Speaking Brackets were held at Lee County High School, Seminole County High School, Berrien High School, and Wayne County High School.
The South Region Office would like to express our gratitude to the teachers coordinating the events and congratulate the participants and their advisors.
The top three candidates from each divisional bracket will advance to the Area CDE on December 8th (Area V) and December 10th (Area VI).
Area V Senior Public Speaking Finalist are:
  1. Jordan Downing, Cairo FFA
  2. Lillian Williams, Baconton Charter FFA
  3. LeAndra Kelley, Miller Co. FFA
  4. Reese Giddens, Turner Co. High FFA
  5. Becca Bostick, Tift Co. FFA
  6. Michelle Hart, Lee County High FFA
Area V Junior Public Speaking Finalist are:
  1. Jake Hager, Lee Co. Middle FFA
  2. Ethan Rountree, Wilcox Co. FFA
  3. Carmen Brewer, Irwin Co. Middle FFA
  4. Meredith Conder, Bainbridge High FFA
  5. Jakob Thorn, Bainbridge Middle FFA
  6. T. J. Pope, Early Co. FFA
Area VI Senior Public Speaking Finalist are:
  1. Luke Sinclair, Pierce County FFA
  2. Ashlee, Reindeau, Wayne County FFA
  3. Shelby Miller, Lowndes County High FFA
  4. Kelsey Rowe, Echols County High FFA
  5. Jessie Sumner, Berrien High FFA
Area VI Junior Public Speaking Finalist are:
  1. Shavonnah Letren, Wary Magnet FFA
  2. Jessica Lovel, Pierce County FFA
  3. Devin Johnson, Lowndes County High FFA
  4. Lorna Chitty, Hahira Middle FFA
  5. Balie Herndon, Jeff Davis Middle School
All finalist should submit their manuscripts to the South Region Office by Friday November 20th.

W. Justin Sealy
Area Forestry Teacher
Georgia Department of Education
GVATA Executive Secretary