Fellow Agriculture Teachers,

I hope your beginning of the 2010 year has been great and that you are ready to continue making a positive difference in the lives of so many students. I never want it to be forgotten that I am truly thankful for the work you do each and every day. It is a great honor to be associated with agricultural education in Georgia.

As you know, the mid winter teachers conference is scheduled for next week (January 14 & 15). Hopefully each of you have made plans to participate and realize the importance of this meeting. The GVATA Board of Directors have worked hard to put together an exciting agenda with some new activities that you should really enjoy. Let me take a moment to encourage you to be in attendance during the FFA Alumni -- AG. Teacher Hall of Fame Ceremony. As a profession, we should take advantage of every opportunity to honor those that have been dedicated so much to our "way of life".

Please take a moment to complete the attached document and return it to your region office so that we can provide the camp with a count of those needing lodging and planning to be at the Hall of Fame dinner. I realize it is short notice, but please try to complete this by the end of the day on Thurday, January 7th.

Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way and again, THANK-YOU for making a positive difference in agricultural education and in the lives of students.

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404.657.8311
Fax: 770.344.4411
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