See the note below and the attached file. This document will let you know
the status of your student(s) scholarship applications. If you do not see
your student(s) names listed at all, that means that they have not started
the scholarship process at all. These applications are due by February 15.
If you have one listed that is not "complete," on this form, they need to
finish the process in order to be considered for a national FFA scholarship.
Let me know if you have questions or run into problems.



From: Cox, Jenna [mailto:[log in to unmask]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 10:35 AM
To: Georgia - Ben Lastly
Subject: GA Scholarship Applicants
Importance: High

The attached spreadsheet lists all of your 2010 scholarship applicants as of
today at 8:30am. Any student that applied after the date and time previously
stated will not be reflected in the attached document. Please ask your
advisors to review the status of their applicants and advise accordingly.

The definition of each status is below:

Started: The student has started the application but has not submitted for
advisor approval.

Pending Advisor Approval: The student has completed the application and
submitted it to their advisor for approval.

Awaiting Signature Page: The advisor has approved the student's application.
The student can now access the signature page to print, sign, and send into
the National FFA Center.

Completed: The National FFA Center has received the student's signature page
and no further action is needed unless notified.

You will begin to receive weekly updates regarding the status of applicants
until the scholarship deadline of February 15th.

Thank You,

Jenna L. Cox

National FFA Organization

6060 FFA Drive PO Box 68960

Indianapolis, IN 46278-1370

Phone: 317-802-4335

Fax: 317-802-5335