The Georgia Green Industry Junior Certification Level I program consists of a written exam and plant identification practicum. The
written test is based on the educational objectives of the Georgia Agriculture Education horticulture curriculum and features 50 multiple choice questions. To pass the written exam, a student must answer thirty-five questions correctly. The second portion of the certification is plant identification. Fifty plants will be displayed for students to identify. To pass the identification, a student must identify thirty-five plants correctly.
There is now a folder under the Horticulture Resources with all the GGIA Junior Certification materials including test study guides and powerpoints with all identification plants.
Plants are a combination from the FFA cde nursery landscape and
floriculture list. Format of test will be similar to cde. Students will have the plant list and have to write in the correct number that
matches the plant. Written test will be multiple choice - best way to prepare is to review past horticulture cde exam questions that address the topics outline for Jr. GGIA certification.
* Note : students who passed part of the certification (example passed the written exam but did not pass the plant identification) only have to take the part they did not pass.

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