Teachers, below is an updated list of teams for our Parliamentary Procedure
CDE.  Please let me know of any additions or if we need to take your team

For Area II today - if traveling by school bus, please park your bus in the
Intramural Lot across the road from Four Towers.   Other vehicles can may
use the pay deck next to the Ramsey Center.   Please do not park in the Four
Towers Visitor's Parking.   You might be able to park behind the Animal
Science Building but occasionally they give tickets in this lot.  If you
arrive after 4:30 you should be fine where ever you park.   We will be set
up to start at 2 pm today.   Team which arrive after 4 can expect a long
wait before presenting.   If you can come at 2 or 2:30 or 3 - you should be
fine on getting in and out quickly.   We will take teams as you register
today.   Please remember to bring your team gavel.   Remember that your team
chairperson and secretary will have up to 15 minutes to write the minutes
after they compete.   All students will take an individual written test.
Oral questions will be asked after the presentation.

*Area I Junior*
Jasper Middle - 3:00
Bowdon High
Chattooga High - 4:00
Bagley Middle - 2:30
Temple High - 3:30
Pickens Co.
Murry Co.

*Area I Senior*
Bowdon High
Pickens Co.
Murry Co.
Henry Co.
Ola High
Chattooga High - 4:00
Temple High - 3:30
Eagle's Landing - 2:00
Locust Grove - 2:00
Northwest Whitfield
Mundy's Mill

*Area II Junior*
Franklin County High-3:15
Jackson County High - 3:00
Malcom Bridge Middle - 4:30
Oconee County Middle - 3:55
Madison County Freshman Academy - 4:15
Stephens County Middle - 2:00
Banks County Middle
Loganville Middle - 3:30
Franklin County Middle - 3:15
White County High - 4:00

*Area II Senior*
Eastside High - 3:00
Franklin County High
Jackson County High - 3:00
Banks County High
Jefferson High
Rockdale Career Academy - 3:00
Oglethorpe County High - 3:00
North Oconee - 4:00
Habersham Central - 4:30
White County High - 4:00
Stephens County High
Oconee Co.-4
Morgan Co.-2:30
Newton Co -

Parliamentary Procedure registration is now open for  the Area I and the
Area II CDE.  The North Region CDE will be conducted following the State CDE
rules and format. Please reply back to this email with the following
information: *school name and area, if you will have a senior or junior team
or both, and your approximate arrival time*.

Please check with the rules for this CDE on the State Ag. Ed. website.
Here are a few reminders. Each student will complete a 25 question multiple
choice exam. FFA members should be in complete official dress. Your team is
responsible for providing its own gavel. After your team completes their
presentation, the president and secretary will have 15 minutes to write the
minutes. Judges will be ready for your team to present from 2 pm until 4:30
pm. Please have your team arrive before 4:30 pm. Teams which arrive early
will finish quickly. Teams which arrive 4 pm and after, please be prepared
for a possible long wait. Results will be announced by email on the North
Region Listserv the following afternoon.

The Area II Parli Pro CDE will be held at the Animal and Dairy Science
Building on the UGA campus on Tuesday, January 19th.
(If traveling by bus, please park across the road near the intermural

The Area I Pari Pro CDE will be held at Cass High School in Cartersville on
Tuesday, January 26th.

Again, please reply to this email with the requested information if you are
planning to have a team.


Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
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