The Preliminary Junior and Senior Public Speaking CDE will be at the below locations:

SubArea 1A - March 4th, Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe : Host teacher,  Nelson McCracken
SubArea 1B- March 4th, Floyd Co C & C: Host teacher, David Warren
SubArea 1C- March 3rd, Pope High: Host teacher, Joe Green
SubArea I D- March 2nd, Dutchtown, Host teacher, Nathan Conner

SubArea 2A- March 2nd, Woody Gap, Host teacher, Gary Butler
SubArea 2B- March 2nd, Banks Co High, Host teacher, Scott Wheatly and Kipp Jackson
SubArea 2C- March 3rd, Washington Wilkes, Host teacher, Nathan Heaton and Tony White
SubArea 2D- March 4th, Newton Co High, Host teacher, Justin Bennett and Ryan Talton

Manuscripts are due to host teacher by 5 p.m. Feb. 22nd. 
Manuscripts received after this date/time will earn point deductions on manuscript score.

The Area Junior and Senior Public Speaking Finals will be at the below locations:

Area I Finals: April 1st, Stockbridge High School, Host teacher Melanie Dorminey
Area II Finals: March 30th, Oconee Co Middle School, Host teacher Sandra Schempp

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