The registration for the *Ag. Communication CDE* is now open.

*Area 1 CDE is scheduled for Thursday, February 11, 2010 at Sonoraville High
School (please arrive before 5:00 pm).

Area 2 CDE is scheduled for Thursday, February 4, 2010 at Jackson County
High School (please arrive before 5:00 pm).

*Please see the FFA CDE rules for more information on this CDE.  The Area
CDE will be the same format as last year.  Each member of your FIVE (5)
person team will take an individual Communication Quiz and each will take an
individual Editing Quiz.  The Communication Quiz will be 25 multiple choice
questions covering Ag. Communication.   On the Editing Quiz, each student
will correct a news release using correct proofreader's marks without the
use of a dictionary or style manual.  The instruction for this quiz will
read "Twenty-five words or phrases are underlined in the news release
below.  Some are correct and others contain errors.  Indicate in the spaces
to the right if the words or phrases are correct (C) or incorrect (I).  If
they are incorrect, correct them using standard editing marks in the text.
You may find errors related to grammar, punctuation, word usage, spelling or
other Associated Press Stylebook issues.

In order to register for this event - please reply back to this email with
your FFA Chapter name and Area.   Please remember that this is a 5 person
CDE so if you come with 4, then a zero will be factored into your team's
score for that person.  Results will be announced the following afternoon by

There will not be a team activity at the Area CDE.  But if your team does
advance to state (top 2 in each area) then they will do a team
presentation.   The proposal for your team for state will be due to Mr.
Lastly by March 1.   Below is a copy of the email Mr. Lastly sent out on the
upcoming State CDE.  Please read over it.


Copy of email from Mr. Lastly:

I realize that the Area 1 and 2 Agricultural Communications CDEs have not
happened yet, but for those planning to participate, I want to share the
following information. There is a tight turn around between the Area 1 and 2
events and the state events, and those advancing will need this information.
*The area CDE will not contain all parts of the state CDE, so those
advancing will need to be aware of how to prepare for the state
CDE.*Specifically, there is a team Communications Proposal due for the
teams that
qualify for the state CDE. You will see that the proposal is due to me by
March 1. That is just a couple of weeks after your area event. Please be
sure that you have that on your radar as you prepare for the area CDE. For
more information about how the area CDE will be handled, contact Blane
Marable in the North Region office. The specifics of how the state CDE will
be handled are below.

The state Ag Communications CDE  will take place on Saturday, March 20, as
part of Super Saturday at the FFA/FCCLA Center in Covington. This year I am
serving as Superintendent of the state Agricultural Communications CDE, so I
will be sharing information with those who qualify between now and Super

Attached are two items, 1) the state guidelines for the Ag Communications
CDE; and 2) the national guidelines for the Ag Communications CDE. I have
attached both because there are places in our state guidelines that are
vague and simply make reference to the national guidelines. Specifically,
the information that you will need concerning your team’s Communications
Proposal, and the presentation are in the national CDE guidelines. I have
highlighted specific areas of the national guidelines, and encourage you to
pay particular attention to those, as they are the guidelines we will use
for your written proposals and your group presentations. Also included in
the national guidelines are the score cards for the Proposal and the

I realize that each area CDE may have been handled differently and may have
involved different portions of the CDE. So that we are all on the same page,
please read below the process that we will follow for the state Ag
Communications CDE.

*Communications Proposal* – Each team is expected to complete a
communications proposal based on the selected theme for the year. The theme
for 2010 is Local Environmental Issues. Specific details concerning the
make-up of the proposal and the score card used to evaluated the proposal
can be found in the national CDE guidelines. *Five (5) copies of each team’s
proposal are due to the state CDE superintendent no later than March 1.* You
can mail them to me at the address below.

Ben Lastly

Georgia FFA

316 Poultry Science – UGA

Athens, GA 30602

*Editing Quiz* – All five members of every team will complete an editing
quiz that contains 25 errors. The specifics are spelled out in both the
state and national CDE guidelines. Students can NOT use a style guide during
the quiz.

* *

*Communications Quiz* – All five team members will complete a quiz that
covers basic elements important to the skill areas of journalistic writing
and graphic design. Five questions will be written for each segment, which
includes broadcast, public relations, news, visuals and ethics of
communication. Team members will NOT be able to use the style manual or a
dictionary during the exercise.

* *

*Presentation* – Each team will make a presentation about their proposal to
a group of judges. Specific details about the contents of the presentation
can be found in the national CDE guidelines, as can a copy of the
presentation score card. At the state CDE, all teams will give a
presentation. Teams chosen for the final four will give a second

Scoring of the state CDE is outlined in the state CDE guidelines. A top four
will be chosen using a combination of editing quiz scores (all team
members), communications quiz scores (all team members), proposal score and
presentation score. The four teams advancing to the Finals will give a
second presentation. The final rankings will be tallied using a combined
score of both quizzes (all team members) the proposal, and the finals

If you have any questions along the way, please do not hesitate to contact
me. You can reach me via email at [log in to unmask], in the office at (706)
542-8990 or on my cell at (706) 410-4604. Good luck.


Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602
[log in to unmask]