The Area I and II Environmental Natural Resources CDEs will be held on the following dates and locations. Please respond back to this email if you wish to attend.

The Area I CDE will be held on Feb. 23 in conjunction with the Ag Mechanics CDE at Dawson County High School.

The Area II CDE will be held on Feb. 25 in conjunction with the Ag Mechanics CDE at Franklin County High School.

You may arrive anytime between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm.

Please remember that this is a four person team with all four scores counting. In the Area CDEs,there will be two sections. One will be a group written exam where all four students will work together. The team activity will be tested over the soils material on the Applied Environmental Science CD information.

The second part of the CDE will be an identification exam. The complete identification list is on the Georgia Ag Ed Website. If your team advances to the State CDE on Super Sat., then there will be an additional GPS skill practicum.

For more information on this CDE, please see the Georgia Ag Ed Website CDE rules for this CDE.



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