* *
*TO:      Area VI Teachers *
*FROM: Von G. Peavy *
*           South Region Area Agriculture Mechanics Teacher *
*DATE:  February 5, 2009 *
*RE:      2010 Area VI Senior Lawnmower Contest*

Please find attached the results of the South Region Area VI Senior
Lawnmower Safety Operations and Maintenance Contest.
Scores have been checked, rosters have been cleared, and results are

Thanks to all participants and Advisors for making the Area Contest a great

Congratulations go to *Ace Eannottie *and Advisor *Kane Staines *of *the
Berrien County FFA Chapter f*or placing *First *in the event, and to
*Josh Cabrera
*and Advisor *Hank Majeski *of the *Echols High FFA Chapter *for placing *

These members will represent *Area VI *in State competition on*
February 19*at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry.

Special thanks go to *Mr. Dale Stark *(*[log in to unmask]*) of *Blalock
Machinery and Equipment *and *Mr. Curt Malcom* (*[log in to unmask]*) of
*Douglas Powerhouse Outdoor Equipment* for providing both the eXmark mowers
and the judging expertise. Thanks also to the *Coffee County Middle and High
**School Ag Departments *for providing both the excellent facilities and

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