This email is for the Teachers that have Students that have earned the
opportunity to judge at the State FFA Livestock CDE on March 27th at the
Instructional Arena on South Milledge Ave. in Athens. The top 3 teams and
the top ten individuals from each area are eligible to participate. I have
attached a list of teams and top ten that may come to the contest. Please
check over the list for correction that need to be made. I copied and pasted
so the spelling is from the scantron at the area contest so please send me
correction on names. You may substitute one of your team members from the
area contest so if you have a change please let me know.

Please plan on being at the arena by 8 am on Saturday Morning, we will start
registration at 7:30am.

*The rules for the CDE are on the Aged Website.*

Seniors will judge up to 7 placing classes, give 4 sets of reasons, have a
team activity(keep and Cull-swine, sheep, cattle) and have a written
management test.

Juniors will judge 6 placing classes and give 2 sets of reasons.

The actual number of classes will be determined by animal availability and I
will send out the classes when I know for sure from Jary Douglas the week
before the contest.

The senior management test will come from:

Modern Livestock and Poultry Production.  Gillispie, James R.,7th
Edition.  Albany,
NY:  Delmar Publishers, Inc. 1995.

Unit 1 - Domestication & importance of Livestock

Unit 5 - Anatomy, Physiology, and Absorption of Nutrients

Unit 9 - Genetics of Animal Breeding

Unit 13 - Breeds of Beef Cattle

Unit 14 - Selection and Judging of Beef

Unit 15 - Feeding & Management of the Cow-Calf Herd

Unit 20 - Breeds of Swine

Unit 21 - Selection and Judging of Swine

Unit 22 - Feeding and Management of Swine

Unit 26 - Selection of Sheep

Unit 27 - Feeding, Management, and Housing of Sheep
Unit 28 - Selection, Feeding, and Management of Goats

If you have question please email or call.

Tommy Waldrop
Area Livestock Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education