Dear Fellow Agriculture Teachers,

Please know that I am so grateful for each of you that have worked hard to insure Georgia FFA maintains the 11 year trend of membership growth. With only two weeks left, our state is only 3222 FFA members short of breaking another record and achieving more strength in numbers exceeding 30,000.

On the attached update you can see that we have more than 110 chapters that have been able to increase local chapter FFA membership. I encourage you to take just a moment to look over the chart and see the names of those chapters that are growing. It should not go unnoticed that in our current state of continued economic decline and risk of budget cuts, we can make a great case for continued funding support if we are increasing and growing our program.

I would also like to specifically acknowledge the efforts of the following chapters in FFA membership growth:

Houston County High -- 264 members
Toombs County High -- 251 members
Thomson High -- 244 members
Pike County Middle -- 154 members
Screven County Middle -- 139 members
Perry Middle -- 136 members

Colquitt County High -- 362 members
Brantley County High -- 255 members
Thomas Co. Central High -- 246 members
 Brantley County Middle -- 302 members
C.A. Gray Middle -- 235 members
Jeff Davis Middle -- 181 members

White County High -- 255 members
Sonoraville High -- 243 members
Jackson County High -- 218 members
Franklin County Middle -- 216 members
Loganville Middle -- 158 members
Madison County Middle -- 128 members

Thanks again to these chapters and the others on the attached list that have provided growth in their local chapters. If we can secure 3222 more FFA members across the state, we can make it a dozen years of continued growth and break 30,000 members for the first time in history.
Anything you can do to add membership within the next two weeks will be greatly appreciated.

John (Chip) Bridges
Program Manager, Agricultural Education
Georgia Department of Education
1752 Twin Towers East
Atlanta, GA 30334
Phone: 404.657.8311
Fax: 770.344.4411
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