Teachers, some of you have reported problems with entering in information on
your FFA Alumni Rosters, especially with adding the $5 for State Dues.
 Please see the email below from National FFA Alumni for a solution to this
problem.  *We will extend the deadline to April 1 for FFA Alumni membership
and for Alumni award applications.*  I will forward a separate email from
Alumni President Joy Carter on how to complete your membership roster form
and how to submit it.  Please pass this email on to your FFA Alumni person
who handles your membership.


Here are the steps to correct the problem with FFA Alumni Rosters concerning
adding the $5 state dues:

1)      Make sure that state dues amounts are entered on the “Totals Page”
in the top right hand box as applicable to your state.

2)      Make sure that on the “Roster Page” in column one the members are
marked “AR”

3)      Make sure that in column three the NATIONAL membership type is

4)      Scroll to the far right of the screen.  The second to last column
(shaded purple) is titled State Member Type.  Make sure the STATE membership
type is marked.

5)      Check your totals page as now it should be reading both national and

Anyone having issues can call Phyllis or I directly and we can walk them
through the process if that is easier.


Amber Smyer
Program Manager
National FFA Alumni Association
6060 FFA Drive P.O. Box 68960
Indianapolis, IN 46268-0960

Voice: (317) 802-4294
Fax: (317) 802-5294
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