If you are planning on having a participant to compete in the upcoming
FFA Discussion Meet CDE, please reply to this email with the name of
your contestant, chapter, and area.

Just a reminder that the registration for the Discuss Meet will begin
at 4:30 and the CDE will start at 5pm. All participants will need to
be at the location by 4:45. All participant will start at the same
time at 5 pm. There will only be one round to select the top two
individuals who will advance on to the state CDE. All FFA members
should be in official FFA dress.  Please reply to this email if you
plan to have a contestant.  I will forward a second email out with the
topics which were sent out in January.

Area I - April 1st Area I @ Stockbridge High School

Area II - March 30th Area II @ Oconee Co Middle School

For more information on this CDE, please refer to the Discussion Meet
CDE rules on the Ag. Ed. website.

Each contestant will give a 30 second opening statement in voluntary
order. The timekeeper may stand or otherwise indicate when 30 seconds
has elapsed. Judges may subtract points at their discretion for
contestants abusing the time limit.

At the end of the discussion, the moderator will stop open discussion
and call for a minute of quiet time allowing the contestants to
construct a final statement.

The moderator will call upon the contestants in voluntary order to
give a one-minute closing statement.

The Discussion should follow these steps: A. State problem or need B.
Explore, define, understand problem or need C. Identify causes of
problem or need D. Elaborate all possible alternative solutions E.
Evaluate and compare alternatives F. Test and project what appears to
be the best solution G. Arrive at ways to implement the solution

SCORING Contestants will be judged on each of the following areas: 1.
Delivery 2. Problem Solving and Implementation 3. Cooperative Attitude
4. Analysis of Topic or Problem 5. Opening Statement 6. Closing

In each area a contestant may receive one of the following scores,
with 100 points available in each category for a perfect score total
of 600: Superior- 100 Excellent- 80 Good- 60 Fair- 40 Poor- 20 The
contestant with the highest overall score wins.

TIE BREAKERS 1. Problem Solving and Implementation Score 2. Analysis
of Topic or Problem Solving

See the CDE rules for more information. The top students in each Area
will advance to the state CDE.


Blane Marable
Agriculture Education
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA  30602
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