Teachers, please find attached a list of the 1st and 2nd place winners of the North Region Proficiency applications.  We received many quality applications and a committee of judges have reviewed the applications and selected the first and second place applications.   If your student was a first place winner then that application will be forward to the State FFA Office.   If you would like to revise your applications and make corrections to spelling errors, then we can return your application to you.  They must be back in our office by Friday, March 26 so we can package them to send on to the State Office.   Please spend some time in reviewing your winning application and revising it so it will have the best chance to represent your student on the state level.   Please refer to the National FFA website for a handbook that will assist you and your student with each question on the application.  Please make sure that the questions on the applications are answered completely and fills up most of the white space.   Please double check each application with the rubric and checklist from the national proficiency handbook.   All applications need 6 quality photos and a personal page.  Letters of recommendations should be on letter head and should be signed.  Congratulations again to all our winners and good luck as your student competes on the state level. 

Christa Steinkamp will have most of the applications at the upcoming Poultry CDE on March 13 to give back to you.  If you would like to make arrangements to receive yours before that, please contact Renee.


Blane Marable
201 Four Towers - UGA
Athens, GA 30602