Thank you for the large number of Officer Books submitted this year!  Even though this was quite possibly the largest number of books that have been submitted in several years, we still have room for improvement.  Number break down is as follows:
Area V Senior     3                              Area VI Senior    8
Area V Junior      3                              Area VI Junior     6
Total                  20
Area V Senior     5                              Area VI Senior    9
Area V Junior      4                              Area VI Junior     3
Total                  21
Area V Senior     12                              Area VI Senior    9
Area V Junior       6                              Area VI Junior     5
Total                  32
Congratulations to the following winners:
Area V  Senior
First Place              Cassie Sasnet            Early Co. Hi.
Second Place          Amber Burch             Seminole Co. Hi    
Area V Junior   
First Place               Earl Harper                Lee Co. Middle
Second Place          Tanesia Anthony        Southside Middle  
Area V Overall Winner (Junior and Senior
Cassie Sasnet            Early Co. Hi.
Area VI  Senior
First Place               Amanda Gilliard         Coffee Hi.
Second Place          Chelsea Lehman        Echols Co. Hi    
Area VI Junior  
First Place               Kara Taylor               Jeff Davis Middle
Second Place          Josh Thrift                 Bacon Co. Middle  
Area VI Overall Winner (Junior and Senior)
Amanda Gilliard          Coffee Hi.
Area V  Senior
First Place              Drew Harrell               Early Co. Hi.
Second Place          Kelly Dekle               Seminole Co. Hi    
Area V Junior   
First Place               Emily New                Bainbridge Middle
Second Place           Lacy Roberts            Crisp Co. Middle  
Area V Overall Winner (Junior and Senior)
Drew Harrell               Early Co. Hi.
Area VI  Senior
First Place               Brittany Howard         McIntosh Academy.
Second Place          Daryl Darley               Echols Co. Hi    
Area VI Junior  
First Place               Kirsten Harris            Brantley Co. Middle
Second Place          Anna Claxton             Jeff Davis Middle  
Area VI Overall Winner (Junior and Senior
Brittany Howard        McIntosh Academy 
Area V  Senior
First Place              Alana Pearce             Seminole Co. Hi.
Second Place         Taylor Hart                 Lee Co. Hi    
Area V Junior  
First Place               Ebony Haire              Lee Co. Middle
Second Place          Dorothy Taylor           Crisp Co. Middle  
Area V Overall Winner (Junior and Senior)
Alana Pearce             Seminole Co. Hi.
Area VI  Senior
First Place               Kathy Bruner             Jeff Davis Hi.
Second Place          Jessica Skipper          Brantley Co. Hi    
Area VI Junior  
First Place               Logan Atkinson         Coffee Middle
Second Place          Dixon Brand              Brantley Co. Middle  
Area VI Overall Winner (Junior and Senior)
Kathy Bruner           Jeff Davis Hi.
The following books will advance on to State Competition
                                               AREA V                                                                      AREA VI
Reporter              Cassie Sasnet             Early Co. High                      Amanda Gilliard              Coffee High
Secretary            Drew Harrell                 Early Co. High                      Brittany Howard              McIntosh Academy
Treasurer            Alana Pearce               Seminole Co. Hi.                   Kathy Bruner                  Jeff Davis Hi.
Thanks for all that you do.

Eddie McKie
Area Teacher
South Region Agricultural Education
ABAC 34  2802 Moore Highway
Tifton, GA  31793
229-391-6838  (Fax)
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