See correction below for first place winners at the Area V Welding Contest.

 I inadvertently swapped the schools for John Hanna and Jeff Shlarb.  Now
they are back at their correct schools.

Congrats again to all winners!  Von

            Congratulations to the following *First place* winners in each
area who will return for the “Top Gun”

Weld-off to be held in the welding lab of the Chambliss Building (AET) on
the ABAC campus on

*April 19, 2010 at 4:30 p.m.*

* *

*             Area                            Contestant
Chapter                                      Advisor*

* *
*            Brazing                       Justin Odom
Seminole Co.                          Dusty Smith       ***

* *

*SMAW                       John Hanna                           **Seminole
Co.                          Dusty Smith*

*             *

*                **Cutting                       Jeff Shlarb
            Lee Co. High                          Lisa Murphree**  *

*                                                *

*     **           **GMAW                      Cody Loque
Bainbridge High                    Hugh Lanier**  *

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